12 WISHES: The Great Wall of China

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The Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Warriors are some of the most well-known ancient tourist attractions. China is a vast, majestic land of contrasts with over 30 Unesco World Heritage sites to visit.

  • In Beijing you will find the Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven
  • Suzhou has winding rivers with traditional architecture
  • Hainan is the tropical paradise of the Orient, known as the ‘Eastern Hawaii’
  • Shanghai epitomises modern day China, with the famous riverfront skyline known as the Bund
  • Visit Chengdu to see the pandas
  • Go to Guilin to see the Cormorant Fisherman

From the high mountain ranges to fertile plains, the frozen beauty of Harbin to the lush warm tropics of Xishuangbanna, China has it all.

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