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52 C in a D? Can you crack the codes in our latest quiz?

Picture: Arek Socha from Pixabay

Ditloids to you too. Never heard of them? You will.

They’re a word puzzle that will leave you scratching your head all week – at least, we hope so.

You are given a clue such as 6 S on a H.

You then have to decipher what it means. It could be a phrase, a fact, a place, a film, a book, a moment in history: anything!

The example that we have given you is 6 Sides on a Hexagon — obvious now you know.

Here’s a dozen for you to try and solve. As with our previous quizzes, there’s no prizes, it’s just for fun, but do let us know how you get on! Answers next week.

  1. 5 F on a H
  2. 007 is JB
  3. 52 C in a D
  4. 1760 T in a M
  5. 4 and 20 B B in a P
  6. 12 D of C
  7. 10 C
  8. 4 A in a D or C
  9. A the W in 80 D
  10. 1066 the B of H
  11. 7 W of the A W
  12. 3 BM

Last week’s quiz asked you to try and unscramble 12 different school names from across the borough.

How did you get on?  Here’s the answers in case you’re stuck:

1. The Emmbrook; 2. Bohunt; 3. Luckley House; 4. The Holt; 5. Maiden Erlegh; 6. The Forest; 7. The Piggott; 8. Waingels; 9. The Bulmershe; 10. St Crispin’s; 11. Holme Grange; 12. Reddam House.

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