CHURCH NOTES: The age we’re in

By Ralph Higson, from Norreys Church

Norreys Church wokingham
Picture: Susanne Pälmer from Pixabay

Age. What is it? We talk about Ice Age, Prehistoric Age, Middle Age, Old Age. University of 3rd Age, Retirement Age. Folk who read this column each week will probably be of a “certain Age”.

When you get to that Age and officially retired what do you do now? Is Age now relevant? Age is only a number. Many churches rely on people of a “certain Age” to keep them going. There is such a vast amount of knowledge, skills, experience and wisdom that can be utilised and passed on which would otherwise be lost. The bible in Psalm 22 verse 8 speaks wisely about passing on from one generation to the next. “A whole generation will serve him; they will tell the next generation about the sovereign Lord.”

On retirement the feeling of isolation, loss of comradeship, loss of usefulness can be daunting, and adjustments need to be made because of that Age thing. But it doesn’t have to be an awful thing. But efforts have to be made to get involved in other activities and clubs. By attending a church is much more than being part of a club or organisation, it’s goes much deeper than that. It helps in socialising, meeting new people who may have similar interests, but more so it’s about meeting your spiritual needs, with opportunities to explore the meaning of life in a spiritual context.

The bible says in Proverbs 20 Verse 29 says “The glory of young men is their strength and the splendour of old men is grey hair.” There’s food for thought!!

Attend church now before the Christmas rush and find out about your real Age and spiritual usefulness.

Ralph Higson is an Elder of Norreys Church, writing on behalf of Churches Together in Wokingham

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