999 called after body found near Bulmershe allotments: turns out to be a stolen scarecrow

Neil Maybury, with his trophy winning Worzel Gummidge scarecrow which sparked a "dead body" 999 emergency

A scarecrow which sparked a 999 emergency when a “dead body” was discovered near allotments has achieved more fame in a new, hotly-contested competition.

Decorator Neil Maybury, 50, went on holiday safe in the knowledge his Worzel Gummidge and Aunt Sally scarecrows were guarding vegetables on his allotment.

But he returned home to discover Worzel had been victim of attack himself.

“He was stolen from the allotments and found dumped behind them by a lady walking her dog. She thought she’d found a body.

“The police arrived, sirens and blue lights going, to discover it was a scarecrow,” said Neil.

Neil spruced up Worzel and entered him for Hurst Horticultural Show’s new scarecrow contest last Saturday.

Worzel beat 12 other entrants to first place and a silver cup. Neil, of Earley, made his two scarecrows himself, sculpting their faces from plaster. Worzel has returned to duty at the Bulmershe allotments.

Show chair Kathy Tuggey said: “The new scarecrow competition was a huge success. Another new class, won by Keith Attfield, was for a YouTube video on the theme Perspectives on Hurst.

“The standard of entries throughout the show was outstanding. The show is all
about community spirit and team work.

“The lady who won the chocolate and orange cake class had never entered a show before: her cake was outstanding. People may feel nervous about entering but by doing so they find out what they can achieve.”

A huge number of bakers, 22, had entered the class.

The show was pleased that the number of children taking part, 55, was more than 35% higher than last year.

Retired advertising executive, Mac Stephenson of Hurst, was crowned winner of the men’s apple flan contest. It was the second time he had won.

Former pupil at St Nicholas Primary School, Hurst, Isabel Tuggey, 20, of Sindlesham, won first prize for her painting of her grandfather, Norman Matthews, 89. She’s now doing a textile design degree at Leeds University.

Betty Smith of Hurst scooped up four silver trophies in the flower section. Her flowers were a big hit at the produce auction, helping raise over £200 for the horticultural society.

Class  PositionExhibitorPointsExhibitor's Name
1ScarecrowA full-size scarecrow1495Neil Maybury
12193Eric Rockall
131182Janet and Howard Larkin
2FlowersVase of flowers - 1 kind,
mixed colours allowed
1185Betty Smith
22103David Bromley
231212Naomi Bassett
3Flowers2 Vases of flowers - distinct kind in each vase,
mixed colours allowed
1185Betty Smith
4FlowersVase of mixed flowers,
arranged for effect
1185Betty Smith
421273Edwin Jarvis
43822Anne Eustace
5FlowersRose - 1 bloom11295Liz Cox
5283David Lochman
53822Anne Eustace
6FlowersRoses - 1 bowl, six blooms of not less than three varieties,
own foliage only
1175Peter Lee
7FlowersRoses - Floribunda or Clustered,
1 vase of 2 stems
1175Peter Lee
721213Naomi Bassett
73122Jo Penney
8FlowersRoses - Cycle of Bloom, 1 bud in colour,
1 bloom and 1 full blown flower,
all of the same variety
1175Peter Lee
8283David Lochman
83122Jo Penney
9Flowers1 Specimen Bloom, excluding roses1185Betty Smith
92603Dick Simpson
93702Pauline MacBrayne
10Flowers1 Specimen Spike, e.g. Gladiolus, Delphinium, etc.1185Betty Smith
11FlowersGladioli - 1 vase of 3 spikes1185Betty Smith
12FlowersAny other Annual - 5 blooms raised from seed
during 12 months preceding the show,
mixed types and colours
1105David Bromley
1221273Edwin Jarvis
123182Betty Smith
13FlowersDahlias - 1 vase of 3 Decorative blooms,
mixed colours allowed
1185Betty Smith
132603Dick Simpson
133492Neil Maybury
14FlowersDahlias - 1 vase of 3 Cactus or Semi-cactus blooms,
mixed colours allowed
1185Betty Smith
142603Dick Simpson
15FlowersDahlias - 1 vase of 5 Ball blooms,
mixed colours allowed
1185Betty Smith
152493Neil Maybury
16FlowersDahlias - 1 vase of 5 blooms any other type, e.g.:
orchid, water lily, or pom-pom,
mixed types and colours
1185Betty Smith
17FlowersDahlias - Three vases:3 Decorative blooms;
3 Cactus or semi-cactus blooms and 3 Ball Blooms,
or 5 Pom-Pom blooms
1185Betty Smith
18Flowers5 Individual Fuchsia Flower Blooms,
mixed kinds allowed
1105David Bromley
182183Betty Smith
183172Peter Lee
19Flowers5 Individual Pansies and/or Viola flower blooms,
mixed kinds allowed
1105David Bromley
192473Julie Attfield
20FlowersVase of Foliage - 5 different kinds,
stems bearing leaves only
1185Betty Smith
2021213Naomi Bassett
203822Anne Eustace
21FlowersVase of mixed Flowers and a collection of
3 vegetables - 1 each of 3 distinct kind
1185Betty Smith
2121213Naomi Bassett
213472Julie Attfield
22Pot PlantsCactus or Succulent - 1 pot1545Elizabeth Bird
2221273Edwin Jarvis
2231082Mary Langdown
23Pot PlantsSpecimen Plant - flowering1475Julie Attfield
232103David Bromley
2331272Edwin Jarvis
24Pot PlantsSpecimen Plant - foliage excluding Coleus11275Edwin Jarvis
25Pot PlantsColeus Pot Plant11275Edwin Jarvis
26Pot Plants1 Fuchsia - Standard or half standard11195Janet Larkin
2621273Edwin Jarvis
263762Heather Howarth
27Pot Plants1 Pelargonium or Geranium - pot plant1825Anne Eustace
2721273Edwin Jarvis
273102David Bromley
28Pot PlantsAn item of Bonsai1545Elizabeth Bird
2821273Edwin Jarvis
2831102Mac Stephenson
29Pot PlantsA Tree or Shrub in a Container;
max 45cm dia.
1765Heather Howarth
2921213Naomi Bassett
2931272Edwin Jarvis
30Pot PlantsOrchids 1 Plant1175Peter Lee
3021293Liz Cox
303702Pauline MacBrayne
31VegetablesBeans - 9 scarlet runners1195Eric Rockall
3121473Michael Corcoran
313602Dick Simpson
32VegetablesBeans - 12 dwarf French or string less1395Frank Whittaker
322933Martin Newman
323362Janet Spiller
33VegetablesBeetroot - 3 roots Globe (round type)11415Hilary Reed
332933Martin Newman
3331202Howard Larkin
34VegetablesCarrots - 3 roots, any type/variety,
mixed not allowed
1935Martin Newman
342193Eric Rockall
3431202Howard Larkin
35VegetablesParsnips - 2 roots, long1195Eric Rockall
3521153John Penney
3531202Howard Larkin
36VegetablesOnions - 5 large,
over 3 1/2" diameter
1935Martin Newman
37VegetablesOnions - 5 small,
under 3 1/2" diameter
11205Howard Larkin
372393Frank Whittaker
38VegetablesOnions - 5 red,
under 3 1/2" diameter
1935Martin Newman
3821203Howard Larkin
39VegetablesPotatoes - 5 white, kidney,
round or oval
11425Katie Barton
392283Duncan Kendall
393602Dick Simpson
40VegetablesPotatoes - 5 coloured,
kidney, round or oval
1395Frank Whittaker
41VegetablesPotatoes - 5 best large11475Michael Corcoran
412393Frank Whittaker
42VegetablesPotatoes - best gallon (approx. 7 lbs.)1935Martin Newman
43VegetablesLeeks - 3 roots15
44VegetablesShallots - 9 bulbs, any variety1365Janet Spiller
442933Martin Newman
45VegetablesShallots - 9 bulbs, pickling,
under 1 1/2" diameter
46VegetablesMarrow - 1 pair, not less than 8" long1495Neil Maybury
4621273Edwin Jarvis
4631202Howard Larkin
47VegetablesCourgettes - 1 pair
not to exceed 8" long
1105David Bromley
472363Janet Spiller
473942Ann Newman
48VegetablesTomatoes - 5 red round,
of one variety
1755Penny Curry
4821193Janet Larkin
483812Michael Eustace
49VegetablesTomatoes - 5 red cherry of one variety,
under 35mm diameter
11105Mac Stephenson
4921473Michael Corcoran
493862Susan Moody
50VegetablesTomatoes - 5 red miniature, of one variety,
under 20mm diameter
51VegetablesTomatoes - 1 truss, heaviest11395Lynn Burrows
52VegetablesTomatoes - 5 Novelty
(e.g. plum/yellow/stripe)
1395Frank Whittaker
5221103Mac Stephenson
5231152John Penney
53VegetablesCabbage - 2 heads1495Neil Maybury
532603Dick Simpson
533192Eric Rockall
54VegetablesHerbs - 3 bunches, different kinds,
in 1lb jars
11275Edwin Jarvis
542703Pauline MacBrayne
55VegetablesIndoor Cucumber - 1 pair1945Ann Newman
5521103Mac Stephenson
5531472Michael Corcoran
56VegetablesOutdoor Cucumber - 1 pair11105Mac Stephenson
562103David Bromley
57VegetablesSweet Corn, 2 cobs11155John Penney
572103David Bromley
573492Neil Maybury
58VegetablesSweet Peppers, one pair1495Neil Maybury
59VegetablesAny other vegetable11105Mac Stephenson
592363Janet Spiller
593392Frank Whittaker
60VegetablesLongest runner bean1495Neil Maybury
61VegetablesHeaviest potato11475Michael Corcoran
62VegetablesHeaviest marrow11275Edwin Jarvis
63VegetablesHeaviest tomato11195Janet Larkin
64VegetablesCollection of Vegetables - 4 distinct kinds, numbers as in individual classes11205Howard Larkin
65FruitApples - 5 cooking1185Betty Smith
6521283Fynn Ratcliffe
653472Julie Attfield
66FruitApples - 5 dessert1175Peter Lee
6621093Peter Langdown
663672Mary Ridley
67Fruit10 plums or greengages11285Fynn Ratcliffe
6721393Lynn Burrows
6731422Katie Barton
68FruitAny other fruit - 1 dish, 1 kind185David Lochman
682363Janet Spiller
6831472Michael Corcoran
69FruitDish of mixed fruit1175Peter Lee
69283David Lochman
693472Julie Attfield
70FruitRhubarb - 3 sticks1175Peter Lee
702703Pauline MacBrayne
7031472Michael Corcoran
71Sunday Lunch Trug1 Trug of fruit and vegetables for Sunday lunch1935Martin Newman
712493Neil Maybury
7131202Howard Larkin
72Novice FlowersRose - best single bloom11285Fynn Ratcliffe
722693Sarah Cordwell Scott
73Novice FlowersDahlias - 1 vase of 3 blooms, any type or types,
(mixed Colours allowed)
74Novice FlowersPot Plant - Flowering or Foliage11135Pat Smith
742693Sarah Cordwell Scott
75Novice FlowersVase of Mixed Flowers15
76Novice VegetablesCollection of Vegetables - 4 kinds, 1 of each1365Janet Spiller
7621513Tom Drayton
77Novice VegetablesTomatoes - 3 round red, 1 variety11285Fynn Ratcliffe
7721513Tom Drayton
78Novice VegetablesOnions - 3 quality15
79Novice VegetablesCarrot - 1 best large15
80Flower ArrangingMen Only
An arrangement in a tankard
1395Frank Whittaker
802613Martin Sollitt
803482Keith Attfield
81Flower ArrangingAn arrangement in a pill box1125Jo Penney
812703Pauline MacBrayne
8131292Liz Cox
82Flower ArrangingAn arrangement entitled
“Summer garland for a front door”
11215Naomi Bassett
8221243Sue Corcoran
83Flower ArrangingA foliage-only arrangement on the theme
“Garden of Eden”
11215Naomi Bassett
8321053Karen Dearman
8331242Sue Corcoran
84Flower ArrangingAn arrangement to illustrate “Fiesta”,
accessories allowed.
11215Naomi Bassett
85CookingA Date and Walnut Cake11365Ann-Marie Vimpany
8521243Sue Corcoran
8531302Lisa Owen
86CookingTwo Vegetarian Pasties1765Heather Howarth
8621243Sue Corcoran
863132Kathy Tuggey
87CookingCake to a given recipe1695Sarah Cordwell Scott
872863Susan Moody
873622Dawn Sollitt
88CookingIced Coffee Tray Bake11245Sue Corcoran
8821083Mary Langdown
8831482Mary Rutterford
89CookingA Plaited Loaf11485Mary Rutterford
8921243Sue Corcoran
893242David Billington
90Cooking6 Anzac biscuits1365Janet Spiller
9021523Molly Drayton
903282Duncan Kendall
91CookingAn Apple Tarte Tatin11065Howard Dearman
912133Kathy Tuggey
9131032Sarah Dearman
92CookingMen Only - Apple Flan11105Mac Stephenson
922483Keith Attfield
923392Frank Whittaker
93PreservesA Jar of Lemon Curd1125Jo Penney
9321113Bridget Graham
9331212Naomi Bassett
94PreservesA Jar of Raspberry Jam1165Judith Lee
942123Jo Penney
943702Pauline MacBrayne
95PreservesA Jar of Strawberry Jam1165Judith Lee
9521083Mary Langdown
9531042Andrew Dearman
96PreservesA Jar of Stoned Fruit Jam1855Isabella Birch
9621243Sue Corcoran
9631082Mary Langdown
97PreservesA Jar of Jelly1405Sheila Whittaker
9721213Naomi Bassett
973942Ann Newman
98PreservesA Jar of Marmalade11245Sue Corcoran
982163Judith Lee
9831482Mary Rutterford
99PreservesA Jar of Chutney1865Susan Moody
9921413Hilary Reed
9931422Katie Barton
100HoneyA Jar of Honey1465Don Honey
101Wine and LiqueurA Bottle of Home Made Wine11205Howard Larkin
10121093Peter Langdown
1013462Don Honey
102Wine and LiqueurLadies Only - Fruit Liqueur11335Suzy Turner
10221213Naomi Bassett
10231192Janet Larkin
103Eggs6 Fresh Eggs from exhibitor's own poultry,
1645Lisa Scott
10321393Lynn Burrows
103382David Lochman
104HandicraftAn item of jewellery11125Nancy Tompkins
1042353Chris Bowman
10431032Sarah Dearman
105HandicraftAn article of women’s clothing,
machine or hand sewn
1275Louise Kendall
1052233Lyn Billington
10531042Andrew Dearman
106HandicraftA knitted item115Gloria Munro
1062233Lyn Billington
10631132Pat Smith
107HandicraftAny other handicraft item,
not textile or yarn
1355Chris Bowman
10721113Bridget Graham
10731032Sarah Dearman
108PhotographyOn a theme of “Movement”11035Sarah Dearman
10821353Robert Murgatroyd
10831052Karen Dearman
109PhotographyOn a theme of "My Shed"11045Andrew Dearman
1092493Neil Maybury
10931052Karen Dearman
110PhotographyOn a theme of Architecture / Building11355Robert Murgatroyd
11021053Karen Dearman
110322J Wilkin
111PhotographyA YouTube video on the theme of
"Perspectives on Hurst"
15Keith Attfield
112ArtLandscape – any medium1225Heather Billington
11221133Pat Smith
11231042Andrew Dearman
113ArtA portrait of a person(s) or animal(s)
in any medium
1155Isabel Tuggey
1132223Heather Billington
1133562Jeremy Carpenter
114ArtStill life – any medium1225Heather Billington
11421133Pat Smith
1143552Ollie Carpenter
115Young at HeartSomething useful made from
recycled materials
1135Kathy Tuggey
11521053Karen Dearman
11531042Andrew Dearman
116Young at HeartA ransom note1905Charlie Bureau
1162583Joyce Richmond
1163132Kathy Tuggey
117Young at HeartA funky flower1135Kathy Tuggey
11721053Karen Dearman
1173452Abby Bolton
118Young at HeartCookery Class: Pudding for a £11915Freddie Bureau
11821133Pat Smith
11831242Sue Corcoran
119Age group under 5A tub of cress1575Oliver Lapish
1192993Eddie Stewart
1193372Lauren Palmer
120Age group under 5An edible necklace1435Talullah Sant
12021453Daniel Barton
1203112Mia Brookes
121Age group under 54 decorated biscuits11315Evelyn Turner
1212253Joshua Karn
1213432Talullah Sant
122Age group under 5A pattern using your own hand1455Abby Bolton
12221223Amy McCall
12231042Andrew Dearman
123Age group 5-7A bunch of radishes155Emma Whitworth
1232413Joshua Phippen
12331252William Burrows
124Age group 5-74 decorated cup cakes11005Alex Madden
12421323Olivia Turner
12431372Harry Davis-Redshaw
125Age group 5-7Design your own Minecraft character11445Fraser Barton
125253Emma Whitworth
12531012Daniel Savage
126Age group 5-7Painting of my Mum and Dad in the garden1875Poppy Spencer
12621443Fraser Barton
126352Emma Whitworth
127Age group 8-11A pot of annual flowers grown from seed
e.g. marigold, love-in-a mist, etc.
1735Elizabeth Cordwell Scott
1272263Harry Karn
1273632Katie Sollitt
128Age group 8-114 flapjacks1305Ben Hodgkins
12821433Max Barton
1283212Marcus Billington
129Age group 8-11Design your own Minecraft character1635Katie Sollitt
1292213Marcus Billington
1293832William Hallissey
130Age group 8-11The poem, "The Tadpole"1635Katie Sollitt
1302263Harry Karn
13031232Joshua McCall
131Age group 12-15A tray of salad leaf plants1445Adam Bolton
13121223Amy McCall
1313452Abby Bolton
132Age group 12-15Lemon drizzle tray bake1315Holly Hodgkins
13221463Rebecca Weller
13231522Molly Drayton
133Age group 12-15A creative arrangement using weeds1445Adam Bolton
1332453Abby Bolton
13331042Andrew Dearman
134Age group 12-15Design a poster featuring a topical issue1455Abby Bolton
13421223Amy McCall
13431042Andrew Dearman
135Age group 12-15My favourite "selfie"11225Amy McCall
1352523Ryan Sollitt
1353452Abby Bolton

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