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A century of advice helps Suki pick up a new skill

A local care assistant has been stitched up by her love of crochet, which she took up in 2018 after visiting a 100-year-old client.

Suki Bhamra said: “She was a lovely lady who would always share her memories. She explained that during the war, knitting and crocheting was something a lot of women did to pass time.

“How it was a way to calm their nerves while sitting for hours in raid shelters.

“She gave me inspiration to pick up crocheting again, as it was something I was interested in as a child. I drove myself to the crafts shop and bought some wool and crochet needles, and created my first piece, a small teddy bear. I took the bear to show the customer, she was over the moon and so happy with my efforts.”

Suki made a Peppa Pig crochet doll for a Bluebird Care customer in Windsor who had asked if she could have one made.

She also donated a crochet doll of an NHS worker to Wexham Park Hospital as she wanted to show thanks to all the NHS workers there who have been working so hard at this difficult time.

By hook or by crook, Suki would recommend everyone picks up a needle and tries crocheting over the lockdown period, she added: “Crocheting for me has become a special hobby in many ways. Not only does crocheting give you a chance to create beautiful gifts for friends and family but can also relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

 “I learned watching YouTube videos and researching online, starting with a scarf and eventually being able to make these dolls.

“During this lockdown it is a great way to keep your mind occupied just like the ladies did during the war and I can’t express how much I enjoy putting a smile on people’s faces with the things I make.

 “Believe in yourself and do not give up.”

Rebecca Hawkins, business development manager at Bluebird Care, said: “Suki’s dolls are wonderful; it’s so lovely she gifted them to Bluebird Care customers and our local NHS hospital.”

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