Adam and Rebecca will always remember their ham and cheesy marriage proposal

Domino's Pizza

A LOCAL man’s marriage proposal was very cheesy. And the people who helped make it happen were hammy too. 

Last week, a Bracknell man asked his girlfriend to marry him using the medium of pizza. 

And it was all because the happy couple’s first date – back in September 2017 – included sharing a Domino’s Pizza together. 

To make the proposal to Rebecca Woodall, Adam Eaglefield enlisted the help of the Bracknell store, where the couple have been regulars since they moved to the area in April two years ago. 

The team said they were only too happy to help. 

And on Thursday, February 13, the special delivery arrived: Rebecca lifted the box lid to reveal the pizza, which had been decorated with ham pieces formed in the shape of a question mark. There was also a message on the inside of the box saying, “Rebecca, will you marry me?”

When she turned around, Adam was on one knee holding not an onion ring, but an engagement ring.

Adam said: “Rebecca and I enjoyed our first date over a slice of Pepperoni Passion, so I really wanted to include Domino’s in my proposal. 

“I’m thrilled the team were so supportive and able to make this special occasion even more personal to us, and, of course, Rebecca said yes as a result!”

And Domino’s were delighted to help the lovebirds out. 

Bracknell store manager Jarnail Singh said: “We’re pleased we could help Adam turn his perfect pizza proposal into a reality and make it a dough-lightful moment for them both to share.”

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