As local MP (and PM) loses her crunch Brexit vote, Wokingham’s Remainers prepare to bridge the gap

Gathering on Loddon Bridge on Saturday will be followed by participation on People's Vote March on Saturday 23

PARLIAMENT emphatically rejected Theresa May’s Brexit deal on Tuesday evening.

Now plans are being made for a special pro-EU gathering aimed at raising awareness of a campaign for a second referendum.

On Saturday, members of Berkshire in Europe will hold another of its Building Bridges events. Supporters will gather on Loddon Bridge, close to the Showcase Roundabout in Winnersh, to wave flags and banners at passing motorists.

And because the event will be on St Patrick’s Day, there will be an Irish theme – appropriate, organisers say, because of the ongoing issue of the Northern Ireland Backstop, a sticking point in the Brexit negotiations.

Organisers for the event said: “This will be similar to our event on Saturday, March 2, but combining it this time with a St Patrick’s Day celebration.

“We feel that the UK has not treated Ireland very well in this whole Brexit process and this would be a great opportunity to show people from Ireland and Ulster, as well as others in the EU, our feelings of goodwill and solidarity with them.

“So, we’ll be also displaying some Irish regalia.”

The group will be on Loddon Bridge between noon and 1.30pm on Saturday, March 16.

Then, their attention will turn to attending a rally in London called High Noon: Put It To The People.

This is a People’s Vote March starting at noon. The Wokingham group will be leaving from Wokingham railway station at 8am, where they will catch a train to Reading, before departing from Reading to Paddington at 9am.

A poster for the event said: “Parliament has failed to decide. Let the People make a conscious and informed decision on the implementation of the previous vote”.

After tonight’s vote, Reading East MP Matt Rodda – who won the seat for Labour at the last General Election – said on twitter: “The Government has been defeated by an enormous majority –  the PM shouldn’t threaten the country with no deal @jeremycorbyn @ReadingLabour”.

Of course, not everyone in the borough backs staying in – although the majority did indeed vote that way in the 2016 referendum.

Wokingham MP voted against the Government’s deal, negotiated by his neighbour, Maidenhead MP Theresa May.

Writing ahead of the vote, he said: “The Withdrawal Agreement is a very expensive lock up of the UK in the EU in never ending talks, having thrown away our negotiating cards and our veto and votes.

“’Simples’ as the Prime Minister now says.”

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