Bat in a box left on Wokingham doorstep on Friday the 13th


FRIDAY the 13th was a day that was lucky for some, as a spooky surprise was left on the doorstep of a Wokingham vets.

Staff at Mullberry House Vets in London Road were greeted with the sight of a bat in a box when they arrived for work, hours before a full moon rose.

Thankfully, this was no vampire with designs on being a blood-thirsty guest to the London Road animal hospital, it was actually a long-eared bat that had been attacked by a pet cat out hunting in the twilight.

Mulberry House practice manager Sharon Tongue said: “The owners of the cat called ahead to let us know what had happened. They dropped off the bat in the box just before we opened in the morning.

“We gave him a health check on arrival, and noted that he had a torn wing.”

Following his check-up, the bat was transferred to Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue, who will care for the animal until he can be safely released in spring.

Ms Tongue said: “Due to the young age of the bat, he will be cared for over winter, as he would not be able to hibernate successfully on his own.”

The vets are contactable via their website: for any bat, or other animal related issue.

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