Binfield 3-3 Deal Town (Deal win 7-6 on pens): Moles exit FA Vase after penalty heartbreak

Match report by Arthur Strand.

Binfield v Lymington

BINFIELD were eliminated from the FA Vase in cruel circumstances after a thrilling tie where the sides had to be separated by a penalty shootout after two rounds of 90 minutes and extra-time.

The replay, after the 1 – 1 draw at Deal, was completed last Saturday at Stubbs Lane but Binfield will not be going to Consett now since the second draw went on to the penalty shoot-out where the situation was also even but went through both teams and the outcome relied more on missed penalties than those scored with sudden death spot kicks. Both keepers slotted their spot kicks.                                          

Deal Town, who play in the Southern Counties East League Premier Division and are currently in mid table. 

The forward start took them into Binfield territory and the latter found defenders with work cut out and the next attempt to worry the Binfield defenders was when a long ball was sent into the penalty area harmlessly landing for Chris Grace, Binfield’s keeper, to clear.

 On the halfway line, Deal won back the ball and it was pumped up into Grace’s penalty area and nodded back to him. The Moles were able to attack and reached the danger zone for the Hoops who were on the counter, gaining a corner kick which curled onto the top of the net watched carefully by Grace. 

As Deal lost the long ball to the Moles, the latter reached the halfway line but Deal turned round the direction of play which reversed once more with the ball reaching Asa Povey who managed to get the ball in the net in the seventh minute. The Moles had taken an early lead but their work was cut out, firstly in defence, then trying to dominate in mid-field in order to mount wing type attacks as well as trying to thread the ball through the middle. 

No goals were scored in the next twenty minutes but Liam Gavin sent in the ball which deflected off a Deal defender for a corner. Gavin sent in another free kick which reached a Binfield player catching his upper limb and Deal had a free kick taken by Jack Penny. His next free kick went to Chris Grace. 

As the Moles lost the ball to Deal keeper, James Tonkin, Deal took advantage of a breakaway but lost out near the halfway line. George Short had already made his presence felt but the Hoops cleared the ball from danger. Then a quick return forced another urgent clearance. Asa Povey showed his sprinting capabilities as he chased down the ball to no avail then Liam Gavin made an excellent tackle. 

The Hoops switched on and Jack Paxman went on a run with the ball across the field from one flank to the other but was fouled before he reached it. The free kick became a corner kick and was high enough for Grace to reach it above the others in the area. 

In the 34th minute, Ben Chapman with the ball bobbling about right in front of Moles’ goal, was just a few yards behind the cluster of players had the time, space and great opportunity to shoot in the corridor open to him and planted the ball low down to the near post equalising before the break. Both teams missed shots as half-time arrived.

After half-time a few minutes passed until George Short in the 52nd minute put the Moles ahead 2 -1 and Deal replaced Jack Penny with Steve O’Brien, then Sean Moore was fouled and the free kick did not find any where significant. Povey latched on to the ball and sprinted but when a shot arrived Tonkin finger-tipped the ball out for a corner to the Moles and the next incoming aerial ball was  punched clear by Tonkin. 

Then Povey took a shot and the ball deflected off the Deal cross bar. Things were warming up with 90 minutes not far ahead. Binfield had been forced back and three shots at Binfield’s goal came in quick succession, the last of which sailed safely over the crossbar. At the other end Liam Gavin’s shot was saved by Tonkin who then thwarted another attempt by Povey. 

The equaliser came in the 72nd minute scored by Ben Chapman. After restart, Paxman sent the ball over the crossbar. Substitution for the Moles when Jemel Johnson replaced Asa Povey and as 90 minutes were up Binfield did everything but score.

Connor Coyne made way for Joe Reeves as Hoops made a substitution at the start of extra time. Binfield were pressing hard and Sean Moore broke through but Tonkin was there to clear the ball. Pressure that Binfield were piling on the Deal defence increased and another shot sailed over the Hoops’ bar. 

Jemel Johnson was trying very hard to use his fresh legs but Tonkin was steady in goal. Sean Moore made way for Josh Howell, who took the Captain’s Arm Band. Ben Chapman broke through the Moles’ defence and Grace received the ball with the last play of the first half of Extra time.

Macauley Murray won the ball and broke through the Binfield defenders but his shot merely reached Chris Grace. Luke Biggington replaced Murray for Deal and Binfield tried to mount an attack but Deal won the ball and countered.

The good move that followed saw Paxman net the ball but then about four minutes later Liam Gavin of Binfield scored the equaliser in the 114th minute. Harry Alexander came on for Charlie Walsh and the game went on to a penalty shoot-out.

Deal Town booked their place in the fifth round of the competition with a 7-6 triumph on penalties to end a scintillating cup tie.

Binfield: Grace (GK),, Thomson-Wheeler, Shaw, Chamberlain, Gavin,Gallimore, Povey, McClurg, Moore,(c), Short. Helmore.

Substitutes: .Kamara, Veal, Valentin, Howell, Johnson, Williams.

 Attendance:  348.

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