Blue Orchid Bakery is coming soon to Peach Place – meet Elena Jenkins, the talented woman behind it all

Blue Orchid

Blue Orchid Bakery

THE term ‘home baked’ is probably one of the most common used in the food industry.

Usually, it means what you are eating was probably mass produced in a factory 200 miles away.

But when Elena Jenkins says her delicious cakes and sweet treats are home baked, she really means it.

For all of Elena’s produce, from wedding cakes to brownies to celebration cakes and even afternoon teas, are literally baked in the family home just 10 minutes from Wokingham town centre.

Although she is just 20, Elena has been baking since she was 13 and has already established a first-class reputation with a growing customer base across the borough and further afield.

Now, she is about to embark on her biggest venture yet, when she opens her very own bakery and tea room, the Blue Orchid Bakery, in the new, prestigious Peach Place right in the heart of the town.

“I am so excited as I have been planning my own bakery for the past few years and I can’t wait to get started,” she smiled.

“I took the decision to drop out of sixth form to start work full time to save up for the bakery, alongside running the cake business from home.

“As well as a counter where customers can purchase and order our cakes, we will also have a 30 seat tea room. Everything that we make will be baked at the shop and made fresh every day. We won’t be bringing in produce from anywhere else.

“I’ve been using my mum’s kitchen for the past few years to bake and now everything will be baked in the shop, home baked right on the spot.”

Blue OrchidElena has already catered for a wide variety of guests, including several of her former teachers at Emmbrook School for whom she baked wedding cakes. This young entrepreneur has received five stars from numerous happy customers and with her Peach Place shop ready to open mid-May, that loyal customer base is set to increase.

“My mum will be involved as she makes the best quiches in the world. I love baking cakes and decorating them. We will sell traditional cakes, as well as vegan cakes and can bake to individual customer dietary requirements,” added Elena.

“We will be the only shop serving a proper afternoon tea in Wokingham town centre which I believe is a must-have in our market town. Blue Orchid will have numerous friendly staff, all managed by Jack and Assistant Manager Lyle who can’t wait to welcome everyone and get going.

“I was born and grew up in Wokingham and I never wanted to start my own bakery anywhere else but in the town.”

And as more customers join the Blue Orchid Bakery’s list of admirers, the people of Wokingham are delighted she did so too.

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