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BREAKING: Dr Phillip Lee to stand in Wokingham for Lib Dems in next General Election

Phillip Lee
Liberal Democrat deputy leader Sir Ed Davey congratulates Dr Phillip Lee on becoming the parliamentary candidate for the party in Wokingham Picture Tony Johnson

THE Liberal Democrats have announced that their candidate for Wokingham will be one of its newest MPs, Dr Phillip Lee. It sets up a Leave v Remain contest against the incumbent, Sir John Redwood.

Sir Ed Davey, the Liberal Democrats deputy leader, announced the news to a packed meeting of Wokingham party members held at the Hilton St Anne’s Manor hotel in London Road.

The seat is one that polling by ComRes suggests could switch to the Lib Dems.

A projection suggests that the party would have a 37% vote share, compared to 33% for the Conservatives and 14% for Labour.

However, it also lists the Brexit party as 9% – the party is unlikely to field a candidate in Wokingham constituency as Sir John Redwood is a committed Leaver.

The Green party polls with 7% of the vote according to the figures compiled on September 19.

Wokingham borough has four MPs: its boundaries include parts of Theresa May’s Maidenhead constituency, parts of the Bracknell parliamentary constituency, parts of Reading East and Wokingham.

The Wokingham parliamentary constituency includes parts of West Berkshire.


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Dear Voters of Wokingham , do not be deceived. Phillip Lee represents himself . He has said time and time again when questioned on his voting records . He has not believe in liberal values , he has opposed Gay marriage , HIV immigrants and many more topic close to your liberal hearts . His reply will be … you voted for me and for my better judgement. I am not your representative nor in Parliament to reflect your views but to do what I think is right . That was his consistent reply for voting against the government. So Wokingham do not trust this man he has no loyalty… just looking for a new political home as he was booted out of Bracknell .


Umm because in general our politicians are trustworthy?!!! I am not expecting to be able to trust him much. I want the Tories out of power and the toxic Brexiteer Mr Redwood who doesn’t represent his constituents’ views, unseated. I want politicians in power who will not toe the line to blindly support the present government, which is packed with known and proven liars who have interests that don’t coincide with the best interests of the Nation or the Union.


Be careful want you wish for . A vote for the Lib Dems will open the door to a Corbyn Government. The only effective opposition is The Conservatives . A Corbyn Government will make a economic concerns over a No Deal a stroll in the park.

Robin Smith

The people so can’t wait for an election, this GP wants to avoid


In all honesty I wouldn’t trust this guy as far as I could throw him. He stands for election as a tory candidate promising leave means leave etc etc . Changes his mind and defects to liberals and then doesn’t have the courage to offer himself for re-election in Bracknell. Obviously not a good costituency MP. Sir John hopefully will leave this undecided remoaner flat on his face in the mud.

Mel Horton

Will Phillip Lee turn again of the Conservative Party sorts itself out. This could be a vote between the devil and the deep blue sea. But ousting JR would be smart in any case. He does not represent local views.

Alison Newton

So excited to have Dr Phillip Lee as a Lib Dem candidate! Now he has a real chance of de-seating Redwood!

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