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Brexit Party MEP candidates canvas voters in Wokingham’s town centre

Brexit Party
Brexit Party MEP candidates Peter Wiltshire and Belinda De Camborne Lucy outside Wokingham Town Hall

Two of the Brexit Party’s hopefuls in Thursday’s European Elections visited Wokingham’s town centre on Saturday to meet and greet voters ahead of the polls.

Binfield-based Peter Wiltshire and fourth-placed Belinda De Camborne Lucy were joined by supporters on the stall, which was set up just by Waterstones in Market Place.

The duo spent two hours where they answered questions from shoppers, handed out badges and flags and encouraged people driving through the town centre to beep their car’s horns in support of Brexit.

It was a busy Saturday in Wokingham, as the Trinity Concert Band were performing as part of the Sunny Saturdays scheme, entertainer shoppers in Market Place. There was also a mindfulness exhibition as part of Wokingham Wellbeing Week and organised by the charity Soulscape.

And the Brexit Party were visited by both Sir John Redwood, who is a staunch Brexiter, and members of Wokingham For Europe, a group of residents who want to see the UK remain part of the European Union. They draped themselves in European flags as part of their support.

The stall was presented for four hours, but Mr Wiltshire and Ms De Camborne Lucy had to go off to visit other stalls in Berkshire as part of their hustings campaign.

Pro-Europe campaigners picketed The Brexit Party stall. Picture: Phil Creighton for The Wokingham Paper

A spokesperson for The Brexit Party was pleased with how their day had gone.

They told The Wokingham Paper: “We had an excellent response from people in Wokingham. Lots of leaflets, posters, badges and stickers handed out.

“People in cars were winding down their windows and asking for them while they were stopped at the lights.

“Even we were surprised by such a positive response from what was a Remain constituency.”

On Sunday, The Brexit Party is holding a rally at Lakeside in Frimley.

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Rob Lovett

We’re going to need a bigger McDonalds

Gavin Whitwell

Belinda de Camborne Lucy. A woman of the people eh? Any relation to the Fleece Muggs brigade I wonder. Let’s show these people on 23 May that Wokingham has zero tolerance for fascists and fascism

John Rollinson

Technical error on the part of the reporting. The statement in the report “Even we were surprised by such a positive response from what was a Remain constituency.” should read “Even we were surprised by such a positive response from what IS a Remain constituency.” This notwithstanding, in fairness, that the Remain contingent received more attention that the Brexit Table.

John Rollinson

I was part of the Remain contingent who installed themselves next the the Brexit Party table on Saturday 18th May 2019 in order to add balance to the debate about our membership of the European Union. We were all volunteering our time with no particular party affiliation. With hand on heart I can guarantee that most of the foot traffic and road traffic were acknowledging the European Flag and the Remain team. It was heart warming that there were many pedestrians crossing the road to thank us for our efforts. We intercepted a few Brexiters willing to talk about the current situation. Whilst the discussions were none acrimonious, indeed most of them quite friendly, we parted company having agreed to disagree. As a pensioner myself, I was astonished and alarmed at the number of Brexiters dwelling on the past and blaming the EU for issues that are contrary to the facts that we have learned since the referendum. One conversation was curtailed because the brexiter was clearly a rampant racist and shame on them. Overall it was a very satisfying day and very encouraging that, compared to this time last year, many more younger people are engaging with politics and, in the main, expressing their opinion to remain in the European Union.

Adrian B

That’s interesting. I met their candidate in Bracknell in the afternoon and he said Wokingham was pretty unfriendly.

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