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BREXIT: #redwoodout is a thing. Should John Redwood resign as Wokingham MP after Remain vote?

Redwood Vote

Wokingham borough voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union on Thursday.

Its verdict saw REMAIN win by more than 13,000 votes and see the borough be at odds with one of its four MPs, John Redwood. Neighbouring Reading borough also voted to REMAIN, and part of Mr Redwood’s constituency also falls there.

Since we announced the result in the early hours of Friday morning, people have taken to Twitter to call for Mr Redwood to resign. A hashtag, #redwoodout, has also been set up.

However, Mr Redwood has instead released an open letter to his constituents pledging to continue to represent them in Parliament.

What do you think? Should John Redwood resign, or should he carry on? Have your say in our comments below. 

Here’s some of the things you have been saying on Twitter about John Redwood since Friday.


What next for John?

Well, he could resign…

Yep, resign…

Another call to resign…

And another…

A call for independence

Stand down immediately

Why won’t you talk to me John?

Speak to us John…

Happy with the Wokingham result

Proud of the Wokingham result

Hit in the pocket

Time to go John…

Change your mind Conservative voters…

Representative of the people?

Signed the second petition …

Have you written your resignation yet?

Key question

Time for change

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The time for evaluating any MP’s performance is at the next election, the heated comments so soon after the Referendum should be ignored.


The guy should be in prion for vested interests, using his position to enhance personal vested interests that go against that of the majority of his constituents such as offshore tax arangements.

He should be in prison for advising on share dealing when he has unavoidable inside information and influence.

He should be shunned by his community for the sheer mass of his other financial industry activities over the years.

But on this..WTF.

No..fine..he has an opinion (I suspect mostly to do with protecting Trust Funds from registering beneficial owners and High Frequency Trading from a transaction fee, in which he has a vested interest) but that’s OK.

James Box

No, he’s a good PM. I wouldn’t vote Conservative now & I don’t agree with him on Brexit but that doesn’t mean he should be replaced. I have always found him helpful and responsive, you can’t say that about all MPs…

Steve Finch

For goodness sake, is every MP meant to have the same opinion on every subject as the majority of their constituents? What matters is how they represent the interests of their constituents in parliament – which they may or may not personally agree with.

I don’t agree with John Redwood on many topics, but I still think he’s been a fine MP when it comes to representing Wokingham.

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