BREXIT: Sir John Redwood’s dismay after Channel 4 cuts him short over No Deal interview

Sir John Redwood and Krishnan Guru-Murthy lock horns on Channel 4 News on Friday, April 5

SIR JOHN REDWOOD has hit back at Channel 4 after a live interview was cut short last night.

Newscaster Krishnan Guru-Murthy was speaking with the Wokingham MP about Brexit. Sir John said that public opinion is in favour of No Deal leaving, and Guru-Murthy disagreed.

Sir John said: “The polling evidence shows now that most people think it is the least bad option because they do not like the withdrawal agreement.

“A majority now that the best option is just to leave and offer them a free trade deal.”

The newscaster then shut down the interviewing.

Mr Guru-Murthy said: “What you’ve just said is not true but thank you very much for joining us.”

A clip of the interview has gone viral on the internet, with some praising Channel 4 for offering ‘proper journalism’ and ‘defending the truth’.

But Sir John was sticking to his guns today.

He told The Wokingham Paper: “I asserted that the recent Com Res poll showed majority support for just leaving on any terms, which it did.

“I am not issuing a formal complaint about this interview. I just thought it a pity the interviewer did not want to hear the Leave case and did not wish to amend Channel 4’s language describing a WTO- based exit from the EU.”

The poll that Sir John is referring to was issued by ComRes and conducted on Sunday, March 31 and Monday, April 1.

It asked: “If Britain has not agreed a deal by April 12, what do you think should happen?”

If the EU turned down an extension, 44% of Britons would prefer No Deal, 42% Remain and 13% were don’t knows.

If an extension was possible, 40% preferred No Deal, 36% Remain and 11% Remain. Again 13% were don’t knows.

However, the same research survey found that 37% wanted a second referendum with Remain as an option and just 26% wanted a No Deal. 12% were happy with Britain leaving the EU with a customs union, 11% would opt for Mrs May’s deal. Again, 13% were don’t knows.

And, crucially for Channel 4 news, half of Britons think leaving with No Deal would be a bad outcome, but 25% thought No Deal was a good outcome, 13% felt it was an acceptable compromise and 12% didn’t know.

Sir John added: “My complaint about Channel 4 – and the BBC – relates to the issue of independence and fair assessment by the journalists commenting or introducing.

“As I pointed out they refer to the ‘cliff edge’ or the ‘disastrous or cataclysmic results’ of a No Deal Brexit. This is prejudicial language taken from the extremes of the Remain MPs and does not represent the Leave view or the truth.

“Were I writing as an independent I would say, ‘Leaving without signing the Withdrawal Agreement leads to us falling off the cliff according to Remain MPs, but delivers Brexit with various agreements and plans in place for such an exit according to the Leave MPs.

“‘The government has been preparing for such an exit for more than two years and has put in place basic aviation, haulage, procurement and other arrangements, though says it would much rather leave with a comprehensive Withdrawal Agreement in place to delay exit for 21 months or more’, etc…”

But social media has sided with Channel 4 News.


Of course, there were some voices in support of Sir John’s views.








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Peter Hornsby
Peter Hornsby

I see the Daily Telegraph has been forced to correct a column by Boris Johnson. From their correction “In fact, no poll clearly showed that a no-deal Brexit was more popular than the other options. This correction is being published following a complaint upheld by the Independent Press Standards Organisation.”.

Both Redwood and Johnson are failing in their duty as public servants to be honest with the British public.


Edward Max
Edward Max

Hmmmm. So much for unbiased reporting. Redwood clearly manipulating a poll that did not ask the question he says it was asking. 🙄

Philip radford
Philip radford

No the facts are that there is a great swell of people who have come to the decision that no deal is the only practical answer. Like me people in my area believe that all
other options have too great a cost as Democracy will have been killed.