BUSINESS PROFILE: Coaching company Riversight supports leadership teams

Images courtesy of Jonathan Bowring.

RIVERSIGHT is a Wokingham business coach offering skills advice to a diverse client base. 

With a 25-year technology and language career behind him, Jonathan Bowring founded Riversight in 2016 with the aim of helping others to overcome business challenges and fulfil their skills potential.

“Riversight delivers workshops and talks on leadership, thinking and decision making,” said Mr Bowring. 

“It offers both one-to-one and group sessions to managers and leadership teams.”

And guided by his own training including that provided by tech giant Canon and the University of Reading’s Henley Business School, Mr Bowring added:

“Riversight’s strapline is ‘Unlocking potential. Helping you think’. We’re passionate about helping people understand their inherent biases, mechanisms and limitations in thinking. 

“Riversight helps them reflect more deeply, get clarity, grapple with problems and work towards their goals.”

As well as supporting local organisations, Mr Bowring’s work involves giving presentations at conferences across Europe and North America. 

He said: “Riversight particularly works with the leaders and management teams of small to medium enterprises.

“Our previous clients include charities, churches, accountancy firms, design agencies, translation companies and individuals facing mid-life career crossroads.”

The local company offers services ranging from skills-based workshops, goal-driven coaching, on-site support and personalised consultancy. 

He added: “Organisations often come to Riversight when something isn’t working well on the people front. For example, when a business owner is facing a crisis, a new manager needs support in their role, a team has become dysfunctional, or leaders need to make better decisions.”

When not sharing his business wisdom, Mr Bowring enjoys swimming, cycling and playing his sax in a soul band. He also has an interest in international culture and languages.

To get in contact with Mr Bowring and find out how you or your organisation could benefit from leadership or organisational advice, call 07867 520724 or email

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