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Call for multi-level parking solution for Twyford's railway station

Tywford railway station
Twyford railway station Picture: Wikimedia Commons

TRANSPORT issues across Twyford may soon have solutions, hopes one local councillor.

Liberal Democrat, Cllr Stephen Conway believes he can help the borough council find solutions to the growing traffic and parking issues experienced by Twyford residents.

“We get a lot of dangerous and anti-social parking in Lincoln Gardens and the surrounding streets and it’s agreed the route cause is Twyford Station,” said Cllr Conway.

“I met with Cllr Pauline Jorgenson, executive member for highways and transport over the weekend to discuss possible solutions.

“I suggested that the council should try to persuade rail authorities to help with a solution, such as another level of parking at Twyford Station.

“A possible way forward is for the council to pay the capital costs to build the extra parking. This is because the council often finds it easier to get money for capital projects.

“Then the council could ask rail authorities to share half the revenue from increased parking with them. At the moment, the council struggles with generating continued revenue and this could help.”

But Cllr Conway believes this isn’t the only issue.

“We need to create a package of measures and look comprehensively at the problem.

“Lots of the dangerous and anti-social parking happens because there aren’t many parking restrictions on local roads.

“We need to improve this for local residents. But we also need more money for bus subsidies and better public transport connections to North Wokingham, where many of the rail commuters drive from daily.”

Looking at road traffic pollution, Cllr Conway hopes to bring green walls into the village centre.

“The High Street suffers from poor air quality as the traffic often backs up there. The narrow pavements and tall buildings create a canyon effect that traps the polluted air in one location.

“But we could put green walls in that area to help absorb some of this pollution.

“Cllr Jorgenson and I took a walk around the streets identified at least two potential sites for green walls.”

Cllr Conway believes that the borough council will begin to find solutions to these issues soon, adding that they appear to be enthusiastic.

He added: “it’s about working cross-party to find solutions. We had a constructive conversation that showed real willingness of the borough council to help the Twyford residents.”

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