Calls for dog that attacked Winnersh woman to be destroyed

A picture of a Bullmastiff - not the one alleged to have carried out the attack

Warning: this post contains images of one of the wounds

A WOMAN has been treated in hospital after being attacked by a Bullmastiff on Sunday.

Kelly Anderton was taken to Royal Berkshire Hospital after the dog attacked both her legs and one arm, while she was on Reading Road.

Dean Anderton, Kelly’s brother said: “She’s really shaken up. The dog bit her hard and deep, its jaw locked on to her legs.

“She’s got gaping wounds on both legs, one of them is massive. They couldn’t even close the wound. It’s so bad, her legs are covered in bruising too.”

Mr Anderton alleged that his sister has been left lying on the ground after the incident.

On social media, he made a call for witnesses to the attack to come forward. Mr Anderton said he has been inundated with Winnersh residents telling him about their similar experience.

“It has allegedly bitten other people,” he said. “That dog needs to be destroyed.”

One of Ms Anderton’s injuries after the attack. Picture: courtesy of Dean Anderton

Kerri Toop, who is from from Winnersh, said that she had seen the Bullmastiff before the attack.

She said: “I was driving to Costa in Winnersh, when I saw a dog on the pavement running wild and barking ferociously at a gate and acting out of control.

“The dog ran into the road, which caused the car in front of me to break suddenly — almost causing an accident.

“I saw a gentleman on the side of the road where the dog was, paying no attention whatsoever.

“As I looked into my rear view mirror I saw a cyclist which had to swerve the dog, as it looked like the dog was going to attack him.

“As I was driving back I noticed a car outside the property where the dog was — which must have been Kelly Anderton and her Mum.”

Winnersh resident, Karen Atkinson also saw the dog roaming on the pavement of Reading Road, minutes before the attack.

She said: “The dog caught my eye as I drove past, because it was in a red coat and was sort of pacing back and forth — a bit anxious perhaps.

“I thought maybe it was with a man crossing the road but it stayed on its own.

“I remember thinking it was a bit odd, but there were a few pedestrians and a cyclist nearby so I hoped they would contact someone to let them know there was a dog loose.

“That was probably just a couple of minutes before the lady got attacked.”

In a statement on its website, Thames Valley Police said: “We are urging anyone with information regarding this incident to contact 101, quoting reference number 43200070548.”

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