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Change your life with Slimming World

New consultant Hazel Earwicker is launching a Slimming World branch in Emmbrook – she explains how she has been helped by the Slimming World programme

Back in April 2017, I decided I needed to lose at least the one-and-a-half stone I had put on over the past year. 2016 had been a very difficult year for me and I went from a size 16 to a size 20 in about four months. I felt fat and frumpy and easily became short of breath walking my dog.

Every day I drove past a banner advertising a Slimming World group. I always dismissed it, thinking it wouldn’t work for me. I’d tried other plans and after losing the weight, had always put it straight back on.

So, with determination and head held high, even though inside I was feeling very nervous, I walked into the session. I was given a friendly welcome by the consultant who talked me through the plan and asked what I was hoping to achieve.

She invited me to join the group to see if it was right for me. As I sat and listened to the member’s stories and their tips and support for each other, I was amazed at the friendliness of the group and how much fun the session was. I signed up for six-weeks, thinking I could commit for that and if it didn’t work, I would just stop going!

One week later I had lost 4½lbs and achieved my first half-stone award the following week. This plan was working! Nothing was banned!

I could eat unlimited amounts of fruit, veg, lean meat and even pasta, rice and potatoes.

I had always loved Chinese food, so I made a Chinese banquet from Slimming World’s Fakeaway cookbook. My son had lived in China for two years, and he loved the pork in black bean sauce, Schezuan beef and special fried rice I had made, telling me it was as good as the meals he had in good restaurants in China.

By August 2017, I had lost two stone. I felt fitter and had more energy. My usual dog walk was taking 10 minutes less, so I walked further. My dream had been to fit into my slinky red dress, and I wore this to my work’s Christmas do in December 2017, having lost three stone.

I hit my target weight just two days before Christmas.

I closed my eyes getting on the scales, and only knew I had reached target by the cheers and whoops from the group as the consultant said, ‘you’ve done it!’

I continued to lose weight and never felt hungry or deprived, stabilising at a total loss of 3 stone 12 lbs. The Slimming World plan is all about making healthy choices and enjoying a huge range of foods without worrying about measuring or counting most foods including pasta and potatoes.

Some foods need to be weighed or counted due to their calorific content, but it is very clear how to follow this in the Slimming World Food Optimising plan.

I have been at my target for 18 months and won the Diamond member of the year award this summer.

I now have a new look, a new wardrobe, new friends and a new career as I embark on my role as a Slimming World Consultant.

I will be relaunching my group on Thursday, September 19 at Emmbrook Infant School at 5.30pm and 7.30pm, so come and join me and let me help you change your life with Slimming World.

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