Changes to A329M causes confusion among motorists


CHANGES to the M4 junction on the A329M has been causing concern and confusion among motorists.

New road markings and temporary signs have appeared on the Reading and Wokingham-bound carriageways, but many have argued that the signs are too small and positioned too close to the junction, causing many motorists to change lanes at the last minute.

The changes now mean that the left hand lane filters onto the M4 sliproad, while the right hand lane continues onto the A329M.

The road is managed by Highways England who, when contacted by The Wokingham Paper, claimed to be looking into the issue.

Have you been caught out by the changes? Have you witnessed a near-miss as a result of the new markings? Email



  1. Can I claim to be the first victim of the new layout? Car in front of me had to slam on their brakes to let a car in that was in the wrong lane (this is Reading bound by the slip road off to the M4 London). I also slammed on brakes, managed to avoid going into the car but got rear-ended. Brilliant. If they hadn’t put the cones up at least those who are unable to read the road signs and get in the right lane would be able to indicate and wait for a safe gap to move into the correct lane. Luckily only minor damage to cars and drivers – this time.

  2. this new layout is so dangerous! 3 near missed in 2 days where people haven’t realised til it’s too late and have cut across the chevrons in front of me causing me to slam on the brakes. The signage is pathetic, and the local Wokingham people weren’t informed of the changes either. It has just appeared!

    • I didn’t know anything about this until after it happened.
      Let’s get the signs sorted to make it safer first, and then when that’s done I will be asking
      a) why this was thought to be a good idea
      b) whether the council had any say in it or whether Highways England could do what they liked
      c) why the council didn’t keep a closer eye on whether Highways England were doing the work to the right standard and in accordance with the plans
      d) why Highways England allowed the changes without the necessary signs, thus creating a dangerous situation
      e) why it has taken several days (already) to get more signs put up

      Anything else anybody would like me to ask?

      • Thank you Prue. Apparently this is part of the Highways Agency Pinch point programme, they should be congratulated for creating a new pinch point!

        I think it should be pointed out that a dual carriageway bypass shouldn’t go down to one lane, this is a retrograde step and will cause accidents.

        I’m sure it won’t be long before someone will be travelling along on the single lane at 30mph and someone behind will be speeding. We all know what the conclusion to that will be.

        A new lane should built between the M4 junction 10 exists and the next junctions on the either side of the A329M so that it doesn’t need to go down to one lane.

  3. Oh thank you so much Highways England and Wokingham Borough Council, the A329M is now horrendous every morning since the changes, well done! I travel from Wokingham to Winnersh Triangle and back again in the afternoon, I don’t know what it’s like travelling back the other way, I’ve already given up, I head down the Reading road instead!

  4. Absolute nightmare on both sides of the A329M. My sister got caught out on Sunday night after her junction from the M4 was closed and had to go up to Coppid Beach to turn around back on to A329M to get to Woodley and she ended up back on the M4 to London….then I did the same thing twice on Monday……if you are in the left lane there simply isn’t enough time to switch lanes before you are on the slip road….I have seen many drivers raising their hands in frustration as they find themselves unintentionally London bound…..Some have suddenly swerved across the chevron lines last minute and are causing other drivers to break hard to avoid an accident……needs sorting immediately……..

  5. I travel this route twice a day and each day I see an near miss or someone parked on the chevrons trying to pull into traffic moving at 70MPH… it’s only going to be days before someone has a serious accident.

    Why or why this layout was agreed I have no idea reducing the traffic from/to Reading to one lane is ridiculous and dangerous! There is actually room for two lanes plus the changes done.

    A waste of peoples time (roadworks) and money (WBC) to put it right afterwards. Here’s hoping that no-one gets hurt while they sort this **** out.

  6. Now that the A329M has been reduced to a single lane, surely the speed limit needs to be reduced, as now it is far too dangerous? I have witnessed several near misses, and without major signage and numbers painted on the road inexperienced drivers will continue to end up on the motorway (if they are lucky).

  7. A329 junction M4, what a shambles, near accident there on Sunday, cars jumping across lanes, accident waiting to happen, what tosspot designed this junction layout, wants shooting, wont be long before he has blood on his/her hands.

  8. The A 329(M) is NOT managed by Highways England, it is manage by Wokingham Borough Council. However, Highways England did this work as part of their M4 J10 improvements. They have allowed this to go live without the right signs being in position and the council is now on their case. Several councillors are chasing it, including me.

    • But someone in WBC approved the work right? anyone with some common sense would see this was trouble waiting to happen. Someone should have objected sooner. Now we just have a ticking time bomb or at best some extra signs and a poorly designed road layout.

    • New road layout on the A329M, I mean seriously? What were you and Highways England thinking?!

      The current layout is causing a bolt neck and is extremely dangerous. There isn’t the extra signage indicating the new lane structure or even temporary signage that says a change has been made (I’m sure temporary signage could be add in hours so why hasn’t it?)

      Why was this agreed anyway? This is an extremely poorly designed road layout. I can see how it would help traffic exiting the M4 but that could have been achieved by an extra lane feeding on to the A329M each way. The stupid thing is there is enough space for 3 lanes as the road was originally designed to have that many, so why wasn’t an extra lane added at that point?

      It would also make more sense to have dual lanes on the slip road leading onto the M4, this would minimise queuing on the A329M and make the new road layout completely unnecessary. Most of this could be achieved with new road markings and the widening work which has already been carried out.

      I travel from Wokingham to Winnersh Triangle and back again in the afternoon, I don’t know what it’s like travelling back the other way, I’ve already given up, I head down the Reading road instead.

      The A329M is now horrendous since the changes, well done!


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