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Chef Gui brings the Med to Wokingham – and cooks gluten free where possible

Chef Gui

Supper’s always looking for new talent to join their platform and bring a new cuisine for the lucky residents of Wokingham.

Chef Gui is Supper’s newest addition and with a distinct focus on Mediterranean food, adds yet another new cuisine to the range you can order through the app.

Like a lot of Supper chefs, Chef Gui brings his own style and experiences to the plate and his dishes are created as reminders of good times on holiday with family and friends. For him, cooking is a massive passion and therefore loves to please other people’s palettes.

We asked Chef Gui what it is that really started the cooking bug for him.


“Growing up in Gibraltar brought a wide range of dishes and flavours and on return to the UK, for me, Graham Kerr and Keith Floyd showed cooking can be fun. This accompanied by a lot of travel for enabled me to experience and try at home new ingredients and dishes.”

Therefore, even though it is still early days for Chef Gui it is no surprise that he already has over 10 dishes on the app for customers to choose from.

His dishes include Chicken Schnitzel with Spaghetti Pomador, Greek Spinach, Feta, Pine Nut Filo Pie and Lamb Moussaka which gives the customers a chance to taste those flavours that you can only usually sample in sunnier climates!

Chef Gui has continued the chefs impressive stats and demonstrates just how much talent there is in the area. In his first few weeks he has reviews with an average star rating of 4.6 out of 5 – “Perfect food for this type of heat outside and very filling. Perfect potion size too” one early customer commented.

Each of Supper’s chefs have their own niche and in a world where allergens have become so important Chef Gui definitely has his. Having a family member who is coeliac, he cooks, where possible, gluten free recipes so everyone can share the same meal.

He prides himself on his dishes being gluten free to “not only cater for those intolerant to gluten but also show that taste and quality is not affected in the variations of popular dishes.”

Much like other chefs on the app his menu is never fixed and they are always looking to add more dishes to their profile – they are even happy to take requests should anyone want anything in particular – please so send Supper your favourite dishes!

Chef Gui tends to cook around 3 times a week so if you log on to the app the chances are that you will be able to order from them but do not forget that on the app you can also set dishes as a favourite so that you are notified the next time they are available.

To read more about Chef Gui’s food, check out his full menu on the Supper app. If it gets your mouth watering, why not try for yourself this week and get £5 off. Just input the code SUPGUI at checkout on the app. Code expires on Friday, August 19.



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