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Chemical spill: People and their dogs told to keep out of the Emm Brook at Dinton Pastures

HARMFUL chemicals have been spilt onto ground near the Emm Brook river.

Yesterday, the Environment Agency reported that 8,000 litres of Nutriox had been discharged to ground about 1.5 miles upstream of the Emm Brook at Dinton Pastures Country Park. 

Although the chemical did not directly enter the river, country park wardens are advising people and their dogs to stay out of the water until further notice.

The Environment Agency is monitoring the water at the unnamed site of the incident.

Wardens hope to update visitors to the risk on Monday.

In a post on social media, Dinton Pastures wardens said: “We have checked the stream and visited an upstream site at Old Forest Park and there are no signs of distressed fish at all. 

“The Nutriox is dangerous to eyes and harmful if swallowed. Advice is to rinse well with fresh water.”

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