CHURCH NOTES: Harvest is a time to be grateful for our plateful

Harvest wokingham
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This is the time of year that traditionally is associated with Harvest, up and down our land.

Years ago Harvest festivals were a focal point on our calendar.

Now, if you ask any small child, (and a surprisingly high number of adults) where does our food come from, the answers will invariably be, the name of one of the supermarkets, of which we have in abundance in Wokingham.

The same as if you ask a small child where does milk come from? …“Out of the fridge.” 

Harvest is an opportunity to educate children (and adults) that most of our food is plant-based and is actually grown in the ground, or raised by farmers in fields or sheds.

This is a very important and busy time for farmers, as they harvest their crops, and gather in the hay, to feed the livestock during winter.

While we can recognise the hard work and amount of time that it takes lots of other people, to get our food on our plates, it is also a time to be thankful.

Those of us who are Christians recognise that everything comes from our Heavenly Father, He is our Provider.

Even if you have no faith at all it should be a time for you to be grateful for all the food you have eaten, during the past year, and that we live in a land where there are no food shortages and our harvests are not affected by drought and pestilence.

Churches in September and October will have harvest celebrations to say “Thank you” for our food and remember it just doesn’t jump off the supermarket shelf on to your plate.

Also, it’s a time to remember people in other parts of the world who through no fault of their own have no harvest to give thanks for and who do not know if they will have any food today, tomorrow or ever again.

Where there are no Food banks or charities or benefits to help them feed their children or themselves, and the reality is many people die of starvation.

Harvest provides an opportunity for people to give to charities and missionary societies which are initiating projects around the world, to enable people to grow more crops with the latest agricultural science and techniques, to improve harvests and crop yields.

Why not go along to a Harvest Service and see what the Church is involved in around the world to bring Harvests, Hope, Health and Happiness. 

The Revd Calvin Julian-Jones is minister of Sindlesham Baptist Church, writing on behalf of Churches Together in Wokingham

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