CHURCH NOTES: ‘I’m a Christian… Get Me In There!’

With Paul Armitage

I mentioned to my wife recently that I was writing something about day-to-day life as a Christian.

“I think I’m pretty much the same as anybody else.”

“Yes,” she said, “except for the swearing…”

Which speaks not just to my lack of self-control when I stub my toe or a DIY project goes wrong, but also to Christians being no more insulated from the frustrations and difficulties of life than anybody else.

But, nevertheless, Jesus encourages us to get involved in God’s work – and He’s not just working through people who identify as Christians.

For all of us, he is working in those frustrations and difficulties, as well as the easy times and the celebrations.

We’re asked to recognise this work –and to get involved, directly participating or supporting in other ways, especially praying for success. When you start looking, you see how much is going on.

So, you may see me among the other travellers at Wokingham Station doing what you expect a Christian to be doing – studying my Bible (just someone reading a book, isn’t it?) or saying my prayers (another snoozing commuter, surely?)

But, perhaps, I’m looking around and asking, “Where is God?” With that young couple holding hands? With the group of friends going on holiday? “What is God Doing? How can I join in?” How can my relationships be better? How can I help build and nurture community in Wokingham?

Or to paraphrase Jesus when he was asked what was most important, “Love God. Love your Neighbour.”

Paul Armitage is a member of St Paul’s Church, writing on behalf of Churches Together in Wokingham

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