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CHURCH NOTES: Living in fear?

Picture: Wokandapix from Pixabay

By Geoff Peck

The lockdown has changed how we live our lives.

Why have we changed our behaviour? Is it because the law has changed so that certain actions can be punished or is it because we fear the effect that the coronavirus could have on us and those we love?

The laws have been created purely because of the impact that the virus could have on our communities.

We have changed the way we behave because of fear. This a very practical fear because we can clearly
see the impact that the virus could have on our community.

How much of our behaviour is controlled by fear?

We are continually told of things we should not do because they are too risky. Examples include swimming in rivers in hot weather, walking on iced-up water and going out in hot sun without sun protection.

Putting on sun protection every we time we go out in the sun, in all seasons, in all temperatures would be a very time-consuming exercise.

These are very sensible precautions at certain times of year because we know what could happen if we do not take them.

I regularly cycle on the road, but some people don’t because they consider it to be too dangerous – they fear the consequences if they did.

An example of a fear that motivates some to choose one course and others another. This makes me consider what else I do not do because I fear the consequences.

Is there anything that you do not do because you fear the consequences of the action?

Take a little time to consider some things that you would like to do but don’t and ask yourself “are these fears reasonable?”

Are the outcomes that you fear likely to happen?

Geoff Peck is a member of Woosehill Church, writing on behalf of Churches Together in Wokingham

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