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CHURCH NOTES: Positivity for the mind

What are you feeding your mind on lately?

I recently was on a video call with work colleagues and we took the time to get to know each other a bit better by sharing what new things were we watching during this lockdown.

It was interesting to hear one by one how all the shows they’d been watching seemed dark, full of violence or just weird and how it affected their sleep and disturbed them afterwards.

It seemed no one really had found anything new that was uplifting and positive while isolating. Eventually, it was my turn to share and I told them about an amazingly, positive, uplifting and hope building show I found. Best of all it was free. The show I was speaking of is The Chosen. You can watch all eight episodes on-demand now from season one on YouTube or via its own app on

The story chronicles how each follower of Jesus, was “Chosen” despite their character flaws, vices and bad choices that put them in difficult and dark places in their lives. This is a modern interpretation of the first century Roman occupied Palestine, from the eyes of a God-fearing Pharisee, a much hated local tax collector on the autism spectrum, a get rich quick fisherman and a lady from the “red light” district, who are all trapped by their past and present. I find the characters endearing and Jesus words fascinating, penetrating, yet hopeful and inviting. Simply brilliantly portrayed and fitting for the whole family.
If you’ve had enough of TV show reruns, acid reflex violence, and the sleep stealing psychos offered up by the many “originals” on the internet, then it’s time to reset your hope in that which is good and give your mind something truly original — The Chosen.

Wes Wisham from Kings Church, writing on behalf of Churches Together Wokingham 

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