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COLUMN: Sniper Sam Smith raring with less than two weeks to go

Sam  Sniper  Smith e
Sam Smith's pro record is now 5-2

Professional boxer ‘Sniper’ Sam Smith writes a weekly column, exclusive to The Wokingham Paper, as he prepares for the biggest test of his career, competing with seven others for a £50,000 prize when he enters Ultimate Boxxer II at The O2 on November 2.

LESS THAN two full weeks to go now until the Ultimate Boxxer II light-heavyweights!

I’ve been sharpening up this week and getting lots of rounds in sparring. There’s probably only three or four spars left for me to do so it’s at the business end of the training camp for me now.

The last spar will probably be on Friday, but I’ve banked a lot of rounds already this camp. It’s been a long training camp, to be honest. I have probably sparred around 20-rounds every week for the last 12 weeks, so I’ve got well over 200-rounds in the bank!

I’ve been doing a mix of six-round spars where I’ll do three rounds sparring, then jump out the ring and do three-rounds on the bags, then jump back in again for another three-rounds sparring. I did a full 10-round spar this week, straight off, so it’s been a good mix of sparring and the perfect preparation for this tournament where I will be asked to go up and down in gears in every fight.

I’m feeling really sharp and ready to fight now, to be honest with you, but have to make sure I don’t do too much or peak too soon. My weight’s good, fitness is good and I’m raring to go.

There’s been plenty of the Tabata training that I explained in last week’s column (read it here). I have shortened my runs down and replaced with more sprint work to get the sharpness there. Long runs are more designed for weight loss and the short sprints are to create the sharpness needed for fight night.

It’s been a long camp which not only tests you physically but mentally as well. Some boxers can switch off once they’ve left the gym, but I can’t. My mind has been on this next fight for a long time, I’m always thinking about it, even on rest days. Even if I have a month off after a fight, I’m still thinking about boxing, I can’t switch off, that’s my problem. Some boxers will find that mentally draining but I’m actually alright with it. I don’t mind it and it doesn’t affect me in a negative way.

I’ve got a good bit of support coming to this next show, I guess there’s more than usual because it’s a big venue and a good show, so thanks to everyone who has bought a ticket, I appreciate the support.

The Ultimate Boxxer series is something quite different to anything ever done in boxing before. It mixes boxing with youth culture and entertainment so there will be a DJ, music acts and tons of celebrities in the audience. It’s set to be a really good night so if anyone still wants a ticket then please message me on social media (@SniperSamSmith).

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