Community Safety Hub plan is a last-chance bid to save Wargrave’s fire station

If plans can be funded, closure of Wargrave Fire Station will be averted

Fire sign

UNLESS funding can be found, one of the borough’s fire stations could close this summer in a bid to save £168,000.

But a feasibility study into whether the site could be turned into a community safety hub will be commissioned if the plan is given approval at a fire authority meeting to be held next week.

Wargrave Fire Station in Victoria Road was first identified for closure in April 2017, but the decision has been deferred several times. It is a station staffed by on-call firefighters, and first opened in 1903. Crews must live within seven minutes of the station.

A spokesperson from Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service (RBFRS), said: “At a Fire Authority meeting held on 18 April 2017, following a public consultation, Royal Berkshire Fire Authority unanimously agreed to close Wargrave Fire Station, but deferred the implementation of the closure for 12 months based on two key criteria being met: The required savings be found elsewhere within the budget.”

Last month, the Management Committee agreed to recommend to Royal Berkshire Fire Authority that the deferral period be extended to June this year.

This will allow a feasibility study into the potential for a Community Safety Hub at Wargrave Fire Station in collaboration with Wokingham Borough Council and Wargrave Parish Council and will give the crew time to achieve required availability levels.

A taster session for potential on-call firefighters at Wargrave is planned on Saturday, March 28. For more, visit

This story has been updated to remove an inaccurate line. Apologies for this error.

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