Council agrees to plan a memorial wood to honour Wokingham residents who died with Covid-19 symptoms


A MEMORIAL wood to honour Wokingham residents who have died during the coronavirus pandemic could become a reality. 

The suggestion was made by Lib Dem deputy leader, Cllr Clive Jones, at the virtual meeting of Wokingham Borough Council, held on Thursday, July 23. 

He made the call during the debate on the adoption of the Climate Emergency Action Plan, and the executive member for climate emergency, Cllr Gregor Murray, agreed to include this as an amendment to the motion, which was passed.

After the meeting, Cllr Jones said he was pleased that the idea had been adopted. 

“I thought it would be a good idea,” he said. “It will be a new planting and it’s for everyone who has passed away since the beginning of March, not just for people who have Covid-19 on their death certificate, as I think a lot of people have had Covid and it’s not listed.”

Under the proposals, residents would be able to select a tree that is native to the UK. 

As the wood is just a concept at the moment, Cllr Jones is unsure where the new wood could be planted.

“Maybe it could be part of a wood next to Sindlesham Mill,” he suggested. 

Cllr Jones hopes that the council would fund the scheme. 

“I think there are some pots of money we can use to get the trees, and I don’t think that a few hundred plaques will cost an awful lot of money.”

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