Crowthorne teenager Amy is really throwing herself into reaching her Olympic dream

LIKE all athletes, Amy Clayton throws herself into her sport.

But the 14-year-old also backflips and somersaults as well high into the air from a snow covered ramp.

Now the teenager from Crowthorne has picked up four gold medals in two major freestyle skiing tournaments.

The Ski Big Air and the Slopestyle competitions held in Laax, Switzerland attract the biggest names in the extreme sport.

Described by many as “skateboarding on ice” the competitions require courage, skill and sheer athleticism.

Competitors have to slide along rails, jump over boxes and backflip high above the ground on skis or snowboards.

The judges awarded Amy a near perfect score for her performance putting her ahead of the favourite, Scotland’s Kirsty Muir.

“It was quite windy on the day so I decided just to keep things simple,” said Amy who attends Edgbarrow School.

“I thought I had done enough but you are not sure until you hear the results. I am absolutely delighted to win four golds because the competition was very tough.”

Amy Clayton
Amy (centre) enjoyed a podium finish

Amy started skiing when she was just six and decided to focus on the extreme side achieving success in several competitions.

But the Laax event is her biggest win to date and the teenager says she would love to represent Britain in a future Olympics.

“I feel really relaxed when I do a backflip,” she added. “It takes a lot of concentration, but it is a really exciting feeling.”

“I love it and my dream would be to take part in the Olympics.

“My teachers have been really helpful giving me time off to train. When I go back to school, I will take my medals with me. I will tell them thanks for letting me go off to train and this is the result. I think they will be pleased.”

Proud mum, Su, and dad Richard say the whole family have been involved in skiing.

“I stayed at home with our youngest daughter so Richard went to Switzerland with Amy,” explained Sue.

“We are so proud of her success and commitment to the sport which she loves. She really gives it everything she has.

“Sadly, this kind of sport does not attract big prize money and it costs a lot to travel to competitions but

Amy is determined to make the Olympics and win other events and we are right behind her.”

Later this month, Amy will take part in the Welsh then the English Championships and hopes to add to her success.

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