DENMARK STREET CAR PARK CLOSURE: ‘Wokingham is still open for business’

‘Wokingham is still very much open for business, we still have lots of parking and there’s lots happening in the town’.

That’s the message from Wokingham Town Council leader Cllr Imogen Shepherd-Dubey, who wants to reassure shoppers and commuters over the closure of the Denmark Street car park from Tuesday next week.

Signs were erected in the Euro Car Park on Friday, August 23, revealing that it is being closed and the public will no longer be able to use it as a right of way.

The Wokingham Borough Council-owned car park next to the library remains open for business, and only recently has its payment machines upgraded to accept credit and debit cards, as well as the new check-in, check-out system.

But it is smaller than the Euro Car Park car park that backs on to a lot of shops in the town centre.

Cllr Shepherd-Dubey said: “This is quite a blow to the town.

“It causes problems for people with mobility issues, a lot of people say the Carnival Pool car park is too far away for them. And it wasn’t built to mitigate the closure of the Denmark Street car park.”

She added that the new Rose Street car park was smaller than the one it replaced in Peach Street, but there were also plenty of car parking around the centre.

“There is car parking, just not necessarily where we want it to be,” she said.

And she felt that the owners of the car parks could be playing the long game, saying that they had not been communicative with the public or the town council.

“They are closing the car park over the bank holiday, which is a bit off-hand,” she said.

“It looks like they saw all the objections submitted [to the planning department over the proposal to turn the car park into 77 flats]. If people stop using the car park, they can then resubmit the application and there will be fewer complaints.”

Phil Creighton

Editor of The Wokingham Paper, and has worked in local journalism for more than 20 years including the Wokingham Times, Bracknell Standard and Reading Evening Post. He's also written for computer magazines, The Baptist Times and, to his delight and probably not yours, interviewed several Doctor Whos.

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  1. As a disabled person who needs to park near to the town centre, I am aghast that the council is systematically ensuring that Wokingham is a no go area for me. Carnival Pool s too far away. I am at a total loss on how to easily get from Finchampstead road to a disabled parking space near to the town centre. You didn’t really want my business, do you?

  2. Once again what the public need or want in Wokingham is being ignored. There is not enough parking close to the shopping area regardless of what the local council claim. Surely they have the ability to ensure there is adequate parking on the level close enough for people to shop. The carnival pool car park is too far from the centre of town. It seems that any small area is seen as a potential to build houses. The council have the power to stop this happening they need to do that. There are slots pc new builds lying empty and many more still under construction so they cannot claim a housing shortage in Wokingham. The council need to man up sort out the parking or loose yet more custom to Bracknell

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