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Despite the huge impact that lighting can have on your home renovation, both for practicality and aesthetics, it is often treated as an after-thought. We hope to convince you of the benefits of planning it right from the start. With a bit of understanding yourself and careful co-ordination between your designers and build contractors, you can create something spectacular. 

So why is it important to consider your lighting scheme early on in the design? 

It may change the requirements of a wall, ceiling or stairs, and these things are not straightforward to adjust after the fact. It can also influence (or be influenced by) furniture layout, the usability of the room, and where fittings need to be concealed.

Utilise natural light first.

With one of our signature glass-filled rear extensions, utilise external lighting to prevent the glass mirroring at nighttime, thereby giving the effect of even more space.

A side return extension can use a glass ceiling or skylights, which will give up to 3x the amount of light as a traditional window.

Varying layers of lighting can make a large open-plan space feel cosy. 

For instance, high-level such as directional downlights, mid-level such as joinery or under-counter lighting, and low-level such as floor-recessed uplights. You will want split circuits to control each area separately, then simplify these with a simple central control system.

Some areas, such as a basement, will have limited natural light.

In dark areas, reflected light is softer. You can use a hidden ceiling slot to wash a wall with light, which increases the feeling of space. Well-placed decorative lamps will add warmth.

A multi-functional bathroom.

Around the mirror use a bright downlight, plus wall lights either side to prevent annoying shadows. Make sure you also include low-level lights for a relaxing bath time, or night time visit.

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