Diocese of Oxford Bishops publish Christian response to Brexit

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THE BBC’s coat of arms has a motto that reads nation shall speak peace unto nation, and for bishops that sentiment is being applied to the Brexit debate. 

The Diocese of Oxford has produced a letter it calls a Christian response to Brexit and encourages communities to come together regardless of whether they’re in favour of remaining or leaving the European Union. 

The letter includes actions for Church Councils and school governing bodies such as providing extra support to foodbanks, reaching out to EU nationals, and practical steps to support children who may be feeling upset and anxious.

It has been signed by all the bishops in the diocese, which includes Wokingham borough Anglican churches: the Bishop of Oxford, the Rt Revd Dr Steven Croft, The Bishop of Dorchester, the Rt Revd Colin Fletcher, the Bishop of Buckingham, the Rt Revd Alan Wilson and the Bishop of Reading Elect, the Ven. Olivia Graham.

“Don’t underestimate what we can achieve if every church, chaplaincy and school does something and if every Christian disciple takes some action, however small,” state the bishops.

It adds, “Our calling as the Church in these times is not to take sides in the Brexit debate but to continue to be the Church for everyone. 

“We have a particular responsibility at this time to speak out for the poorest in our communities and to act to help them as the Church has always done.”

The full text of the letter is published at https://blogs.oxford.anglican.org/a-christian-response-to-brexit/  

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