Divorce course was so helpful, Jane is now helping to run it

Course will run in Earley over February 2019

A woman given new strength after her marriage breakdown is now helping others facing  emotional pain after a split up, writes Sue Corcoran.

Administrator Jane Holgate is urging those needing help to recover after separation or divorce to contact Wokingham-based UK charity Divorce Recovery Workshop (DRW).

Jane, of Hurst, was so impressed with DRW’s course which ran in Earley a year ago that she has  agreed to help run future courses.

And the next is planned in mid-February next year.

“The course marked a turning point and was invaluable in helping me,” said Jane, who is in her 50s and has two grown-up children.

“At times I had found the feeling of sadness overwhelming. DRW showed me that you aren’t in control of what happened but you can learn to deal with it.

“I discovered I could be in charge of my own recovery and how to move my life forward.”

And she added: “I found I wasn’t the only person feeling as I was.

“I’ve kept in touch with some of the course members. They’ve given me fantastic support.

“We have a coffee together or text each other. It’s like having a support network, a safe space.”

Jane, who works in Twyford, urges others to contact DRW: “If you’re hesitating, I’d say: just take the plunge and contact us.

“You can be the one who has left or the one left behind.

“No one judges. It doesn’t matter how long ago the break up was or if you have been married or not.”

The course is over two Friday evenings and two Saturdays.  DRW founder trustee John Kemp (pictured above) of Wokingham is one of the leaders.

All the leaders have been divorced or separated.

People on the courses watch a video at each session and then talk confidentially about its contents in small groups.

The next Berkshire course, costing £60, is at Brookside Hall, Earley, Reading RG6 7HG on February 8/9 and 15/16, 2019.

For DRW details contact: Seamus on 07887 800521, John or Melanie on 0118 979 2770 or email reading@drw.org.uk.

The website is www.drw.org.uk

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