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PHILLIP LEE: ‘Dr Lee’s defection means there must now be a by-election’, says the Brexit Party candidate for Bracknell

Bracknell must now hold a by-election following Dr Phillip Lee’s defection, the Brexit Party candidate for Bracknell said today.

The former Conservative MP Dr Phillip Lee crossed the floor to join the Liberal Democrats this afternoon and the Brexit Party’s David Winsper said in doing so, he no longer represents his constituents. 

Mr Winsper said: “The Conservative Dr Phillip Lee must now call for a by-election because it cannot be right that for a general election where there was a 70.6% turnout, and more than 32,882 voted Conservative in Bracknell, he will now be representing only 4,186 who voted for the Liberal Democrats.

“This individual now seeks to represent less than 4% of his constituents by crossing the floor.

“I am standing [to be Bracknell’s MP] because of individuals like this duplicitous self-serving politician.”

The Brexit Party candidate continued: “As a veteran, No. 10 has sent me around the world, in spite of party, championing democracy. I have been holding Great Britain aloft as a bastion of democracy.

“I am not prepared to put up with the omni-shambles of the self-serving MPs, and so I am putting my head ahead the parapet for the Bracknell constituency.”

Dr Lee’s defection also means Boris Johnson’s parliament no longer has a majority. Mr Winsper said a general election is therefore likely.

“I believe it will be before the 31 October,” he said. 

The leader of the Brexit Party, Nigel Farage, said earlier today that his political party will not stand against the Conservatives in an election, as long as Mr Johnson promises to leave the EU without a deal.

Mr Winsper added: “I believe if Boris Johnson has good sense he will take Nigel Farage’s offer, and campaign for a WTO [No deal] clean Brexit, thus he can solidify his position in no.10 hand in hand with the Brexit Party.”

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David is right. If Phillip Lee had any backbone he would have done this ages ago and called a bi election.
Also, Remainers talking about crashing out makes me laugh.
Cameron said in 2026 “if we vote leave it will be 2 years and we will be out on WTO terms.” Quite clear. Crashing out term was invented by remoaners

Susan Jones

Are those the WTO terms that are so bad for trade, the head of the WTO himself has warned against them?

Dave Tyler

Why is this chancer being given press coverage? The Brexit Party have divorced themselves from facts, preferring to inflict the most damaging Brexit possible on the country. Their leader Farage – he of the dodgy funding, lies about the EU and lies about Brexit (remember him saying we’d have a Norway-style deal?) is the benchmark for self-serving – they have NO SOLUTIONS to the very real problems of crashing out of the EU, severing relationships that have been built up over 40 years. It’s no wonder they don’t recognise someone like Philip Lee who actually has principles and puts his country before his party.

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