Lib Dems win Emmbrook by-election – results

Emmbrook by-election

Candidate & PartyNumber of votesShare %
Chris Everett, Labour793.0%
Kevin Morgan, Conservatives87933.3%
Phil Ray, UKIP1043.9%
Imogen Shepherd-DuBey, Liberal Democrat157559.7%

Today, voters in Emmbrook have been going to the polls to elect a new borough councillor.

The election was called after Cllr Chris Singleton resigned, citing issues with his fellow ward councillors as the reason for standing down.

Four candidates came forward for the election, representing Labour, Conservatives, UKIP and Liberal Democrats. The potential Green candidate declined to stand, instead urging his supporters to vote for the Lib Dem candidate, Imogen Shepherd-DuBey.

Meet the four candidates in Emmbrook by-election

Last year there were two elections held in Emmbrook, one for the town council and one for the borough. In both instances the Conservatives held on to the seat, but only just, making this seat a marginal one.

The polling stations closed at 10pm. The ballot boxes have made their way back to Shute End and the papers are now being counted. Stay with us as we bring you the result as it happens.

Previous results

Emmbrook borough election 2016

Candidate and partyVotesShare
UllaKarin Clark, Conservatives1,23544%
Imogen Lisa Shepherd-DuBey1,22243%
Brent Lees, Labour2609%
David Worley, Green1194%

Emmbrook North - Wokingham Town Council election February 2015

Candidate and partyVotesShare
Helen Belcher, Liberal Democrat44942%
Brent Lees, Labour13813%
Sanjay Odedra, Conservatives47044%


Phil Creighton

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  1. The Tory arrogance is off the scale and has been for a while. Cllr. Baker unsuccessfully defending privatising the libraries, voluntaring shops in Woodley as public toilets, the Tories cutting services and giving themselves increases in pay. Reality Cheque.

  2. Now that the UK has gained independence from the EU, UKIP would seem somewhat superfluous. So why are they standing in local elections? And more to the point what do the 104 people in Emmbrook who voted for them want independence from? Were they hoping perhaps that Emmbrook would declare itself independent from the rest of Wokingham borough?

    1. I would guess that those who voted UKIP did it as a protest vote against the Conservative leadership rather than a vote for the Liberals. Some tory voters remembber the damage caused by the LibDems last time they were in power and would have been unable to vote for them even as a protest vote

  3. Good news. It’s telling that, even though I don’t support the LibDems, even I can see that the current Tories have had power too long and consider themselves untouchable. Perhaps they can put themselves on more paid boards to help them feel better.

  4. Perhaps the Conservative led council in Wokingham will get the message and start listening to the Electorate instead of bulldozing their own agendas through council meetings. The current leadership is arrogant and full of self importance. If they don’t change their ways then the electorate will change the council!

        1. Agree with you completely. He is one of the main reasons for the loss of the Conservative seat. He will not listen to the electorate and seems to be untouchable. Time for the true Tories to end his rule.

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