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++UPDATED++ Emmbrook North by-election: close win for Conservatives

emmbrook North candidates
The candidates for Emmbrook North as we went to press

The Conservatives have held their seat in Emmbrook North – by just 21 votes.
We understand that their share of the vote dropped 10% but it still enabled them to hold on.

In the by-election, Sanjay Oderda won with 470 votes.

In second place was Liberal Democrat Helen Belcher with 449 votes.

In third place was Labour’s Brent Lee with 138 votes.

The turn out was 42.65% – 2,497 people could have voted but just 1,065 ballot papers were issued.

A total of seven ballot papers were spoilt. Of those, three ballots were rejected as the voter chose more than one candidate and four ballots were void for “uncertainty”.

In the May 2015 election, turn out was higher as the local poll ran at the same time as the General Election. In Emmbrook North, three Conservative candidates stood and one Independent. In that poll, Mr Odedra was elected with 1,083 votes. Independent candidate Elizabeth Karakurt won 613 votes and Paul Sharples, running for Labour, scored 463.

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Kaz Lokuciewski

Just imagine if the 50% who have given up with party politics backed any independent who was willing to sign a contract requiring that they propose and support supporting transparency unless ‘clearly’ in the public interest not to do so.

They’re all obliged to in the code of conduct, the Financial transparency code is clear, but our Tory council have decided that every service they purchace is commercially sensitive contrary to government guidelines.

Unlikely any of these candidates are willing to uphold their electorate right to financial oversight of their council but do remember to keep asking.

Council is still non-compliant with 2014 Financial transparency code. (publishing contract values etc)..why would they object?


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