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EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY: From Z Cars and Doctor Who … an artistic genius


Our artist this week was a bit part actor way back in the 1960’s who got to display his acting talent in such popular TV programmes as Coronation Street, Z Cars, Doctor Who, The Main Chance, Callan, etc.

He also appeared in non-speaking roles in a number of films including The Virgin Soldiers (1969) during the filming of which he shared a changing room with a young actor who had a small speaking part in the film.

This actor was called David jones and the pair struck up an immediate friendship which lasted through the years and career changes.

We came to know this young actor better as David Bowie.

Bowie became one of Trevor’s most supportive friends and customers but not the only celebrity. Lawrence’s paintings were collected by Jack Palance, Clare Rayner and Clive Owen as well as David Bowie and many other celebrities.

Bowie’s art collection was legendary and for Trevor Lawrence to have been a part of that collection gave his artistic career a real boost.

Trevor Lawrence was born in London in 1945, he was an extraordinary talent, a true character and wanted to be a showman of some sort from a very early age.

As a young aspiring actor, he appeared in many Hammer House of Horror films, as well as those early TV series mentioned above. He was also always one for a story, a joke or an incredibly good impersonation. But when not cracking jokes or telling tales he was frequently to be found behind the keys of a piano in any pub that would allow him to play.

But his real love was for painting the most outlandish and colourful city tenement or apartment scenes with loads of hidden gems for the viewer to seek out.

A Trevor Lawrence painting is something that one can find something new in each time one looks at it.

He moved down to Weymouth in the late 80’s and spent the last 20+ years of his life in this seaside idyll. He was one of the Dorset town’s characters who was always larger than life.

A mad keen swimmer he took a daily swim out in the bay at Weymouth and most evenings was to be found in one of the towns hostelries entertaining the punters.

He once said that he hated painting, describing it as his wife who allowed him to go off and enjoy his other mistresses such as his piano playing or swimming, but she always expected him to come back to her in the evening.

Many of his pictures were painted at night during his sleep deprived wee small hours. Sadly, Trevor Lawrence, the much-loved character, passed away in his sleep at the age of only 67 in 2012.

This painting is available to view and/or purchase in my art gallery in Holme Grange Craft Village. It is listed at £800, a very reasonable price for an original work by this artist. Alternatively, we now offer a leasing arrangement, so this along with all of our paintings, can be rented for a small fixed monthly rental fee.

This piece, along with many other great works, is available to view, purchase or rent at AntiqArt, the “preloved art” gallery at Holme Grange Craft Village or online at or call us on 01183275421 for further information.

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