EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY: Moore of a good thing

By Jeremy Edwards from AntiqArt

A simply stunning watercolour this week of a working windmill on the Norfolk Broads painted by a Norwich artist of some repute with a connection to our local area.

Leslie Lancelot Hardy Moore RI was born in Norwich in 1907. His family were not that different from many families around at the same time. Leslie was a bright lad with an aptitude for getting his head down and achieving in most things he tried. He did well at school and progressed well, going on to University.

He studied art at … Reading.

Following his graduation from Reading University he wanted to further his art studies and so, went on to the Norwich School of Art where he enjoyed himself so much, he later became a teacher there. He also went on to hold a teaching position at the Hewett School in Norwich.

He was a prolific and extremely competent artist and a fantastic recorder of the beautiful scenery of the Norfolk Broads.

The softness of his palette was to be his great success. The use of the wonderful natural light that the Broads provide was a real boon to Moore. His paintings, whether of village life (pubs, shops, greens, etc.) or of the wetlands (windmills, boats, birds or endless landscapes) have a brilliant feeling of calmness and peace about them.

Moore was a member of the Norfolk Twenty and the Norfolk and Norwich Art Circle groups of artists and exhibited constantly with them from 1935-1961. He also submitted many artworks, over the years, for exhibition at the Royal Academy, the New English Art Club and the Royal Institute of Painters in watercolours.

He was elected to full membership of the RI in 1953. His work was also used to illustrate many books including Norfolk Inns. He lived for many years at North Walsham in Norfolk and he died in 1997.

This painting is very typical and I believe it to be of Thurne Mill on the Norfolk Broads. It pictures the mill, which is still a working mill that is open to the public, on a cloudy and what looks to be a windy day with sailing boats battling against the winds on the Broads behind the mill. It is signed to the lower left.

My painting this week is available in store or online for a mere £350, with many of his works selling for over £400-£500 this is a really good price.

It is also available on our rental scheme.

For more details, visit www.antiqart.co.uk or my Instagram or Facebook pages.

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