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EVERY STEP COUNTS: The importance of reflection on feedback

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It’s been another action-packed week full of fun, seriousness, discipline, craziness, happiness, hard work, determination, compassion and to be honest every other single trait you can imagine.

When you do the work I do, you literally go through every single emotion and behaviour on a weekly basis mainly due to encountering so many amazing people.

I could fill every single week, pages of this awesome paper with stories of what I have been up to but right now I want you to reflect on what you have been doing this week.

What activities have added to your life force this week? What activities have drained you of your life force? What activities have you done that did neither but just took time out of your 168 hours?

I have covered reflection before, but I want YOU right this moment to REFLECT… Go on do it, you have nothing to lose and all to gain, remember all Feedback is good as it will help you move forwards. Without sounding too cheesy… EVERY STEP COUNTS. 

Last week we covered MINDFULNESS (Wokingham Action For Happiness Course 2019) and the opening of a fantastic new Boxing Club called In Your Corner Boxing Club. This week I want to focus on Week 4 of our Action For Happiness Course and also a fantastic gym based in Arborfield that you could be checking out.

If you keep grabbing this paper and reading this EVERY STEP COUNTS column, then you will be well on the way to ending this year on a superbly awesome high.

So…Week 4 of our course focused on the treatment of others and specifically compassion and empathy.

Compassion is caring about the suffering of others and wanting to help. As the Dalai Lama would say “If you don’t want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.”

After conducting a kindness meditation, we had various discussions on all things compassion and watched a very interesting video with Karen Armstrong.

Karen is an expert on compassion and launched the Charter for Compassion, a global movement to encourage more compassion. Takeaway points included:

  • Never treat others as you would not like to be treated yourself.
  • Think globally if we want to be happy. 
  • Speak out against injustice. 
  • Look beneath the exterior.
  • Holding troubles wastes energy (my personal favourite)

We are born to be compassionate. Kindness is contagious.

Caring for others brings huge benefits. Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

What have you done recently to help others? What practical thing could you do today to be kinder and more compassionate? 

Have a think and then as always IMPLEMENT, IMPLEMENT, IMPLEMENT. 

Next, as in previous weeks, I am incredibly excited to promote and let you know about an awesome facility over in Arborfield that you really need to know about.

ROCFitness is a gym built on community, based in Arborfield here in Berkshire. It is primarily a personal training studio which offers one-to-one personal training, but also group personal training and fitness classes.  

I caught up with Reece O’Connor who is owner and founder (love what he did with the name there) and spoke to him about his facility and what makes them different. 

He said that “the motivating, friendly atmosphere makes it easy for any new person who walks through the door to feel a part of a strong community straight away. At ROCFitness, our knowledgeable coaching team work closely with every single member to help them achieve their fitness goals. Everybody who walks through our door has a detailed tailored plan in order to help them achieve their goals.”

 I love this … I love facilities like this, and I love an ethos like this, I really do. 

I then went on to ask Reece what is special about the facility, why should people want to pop down and check it out?

He confidently came back with “At ROCFitness we specialise our training around functional fitness. There are so many ways the body can be pushed so why not train every aspect of this to prepare your body for anything life throws at you.

“Strength, Cardiovascular, Muscular endurance, Mobility and Core Strength are areas we focus on.” 

I preach this stuff day in day out too, again, I love this I really do. 

So, what is a huge focus for them then? ROCFitness has produced many inspiration body transformations with members dropping incredible amounts of weight in a sustainable fashion. They strongly believe fitness and nutrition should be made sustainable for their clients in order for them to fit it into their lifestyles.

I personally stand by this completely with how I work too. It’s all about sustainability when it comes to long term change.

The motto for their gym is “Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.”

Pretty motivating stuff, again I love this. 

I asked if they had anything coming up that readers of this column would be interested in and yes, they do.

ROCFitness gym will be having its first birthday on November 9. They are inviting anybody and everybody to come down to celebrate with them on their very special day. They will be running a class and after 10.30am, they will be opening the champagne and eating cake to celebrate!

The enthusiasm is right up my street so head on down and see what they have to offer. You can find out more information on and head over to their social media channels where I am sure you will be able to find them. 

So there you have it, another week of sharing happiness and another week of letting you know about another exciting opportunity in the area.

No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted.

Opportunities are all around us, we just need to look for them.

Have a fantastic Sunday, have an outstanding week and have a superlative second half to the month … keep driving your life forwards, it really is a marvellous way to live. 

Chris Hunt, author of the Every Step Counts column

Chris Hunt is the Head Mind, Body and Life Coach at The FUNdaMENTAL Coach based out of The Hub, Molly Millars Lane, Wokingham

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