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EVERY STEP COUNTS: An A-Z of quick tactics to help YOU be happy and positive

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Hello and welcome to a special DIGITAL ONLY column this Sunday – Sunday, November 17

Due to various paper commitments, my normal column has been pushed back a week but there was no way I was leaving my awesome readers hanging this week and so close to the end of the year. After having a chat with Phil, our truly amazing and committed commander-in-chief, I decided to get this article written as a treat for you.

Interrupting our mini-project of focusing on the Wokingham ACTION FOR HAPPINESS Course and also many local health and fitness-related businesses or people, I want to, in this special edition, focus on something I am passionate about.

That thing is being positive and happy. Therefore today I want to go through my A-Z of being positive and happy.

During the next few minutes, you are going to read about 26 quick-fire tactics that you can use straight away to help you be the most positive and happy person possible.

So buckle up, get comfy on this grey and cold Sunday morning and enjoy the ride… let’s do this.

Affirmations – Do these daily and start them with the words “I am”. Keep them short, keep them snappy and keep them positive.

Body focus – You only get one body so you need to look after it. It feels good when your body is performing well so pay it the attention it deserves. Need some help, then please give me a call.

Challenges – Challenges help you grow. Challenges get you out of the comfort zone. This is where real growth and happiness happens.

Discipline – If you have discipline at certain times, this allows you to really let your hair down at other times.

Experiences – When was I younger I always believed that it was the material things that were important? One thing that the Action for Happiness course helped confirm was that real happiness comes with experiences.

Freedom moments – Freedom is a goal for many of us. Sometimes you don’t need months and months of freedom and just a few minutes or hours can be perfect.

Growth – You know I am all about personal growth. Some of my most positive and happy moments have been when I have been actively engaged in growth. What could you consume today that will increase your knowledge or awareness?

Habits – Good habits breed positive moments. Bad habits lead to negative moments. Try and pick one habit to erase today and then one habit to start. A very worthy replacement.

Implementation – I’ve said this many times and so many times that you may be getting bored of hearing me say it. It is all about taking the knowledge and then doing something with it. I empower you today to implement something from this special digital edition.

Jaw dropping attitude – Have an attitude that is outstanding. I love seeing people with amazing attitudes. Make your attitude JAW DROPPING…make it masterful.

Knowledge – Seek knowledge … you never know where it may take you.

Laughter – Laugh, smile, have fun, joke, be comical, enjoy moments of joy, be happy. We were designed to be smiling due to more muscles being used for smiling, it makes you feel great, in fact, do it right now…SMILE.

Motivation – I am all about the motivation. I live and breathe this stuff. I honestly feel you can never have enough motivation. If you need some more motivation then drop me a message on with your number and I’ll get you added to my Monday Motivational WhatsApp list where I send something motivating every Monday morning.

Nutrition – What you put in, you get out. Want more energy then put better food in your system. Want to feel happier then put lots of various good foods in your diet … it really is a no brainer.

Opportunities – Seek out opportunities, you never know what will come of it. Anyone can be the person who doesn’t open any doors to unknown opportunities. If you don’t open doors, you are missing out on so many opportunities … seek them out.

Play – As children, we got used to playing all the time and then as we get older we seem to play less and less. A simple treatment to be happier … start playing and fill your life with playful enjoyable moments.

Quiet time – We live in a hectic world. Right after reading this article today, go and take 5 minutes out to just breathe and be at one. I wrote about Mindfulness several weeks ago. Taking that time to “be” rather than to do could be life changing.

Routine – There is nothing wrong with routine and the theory of AUTOMATICITY. When something becomes habitual and automatic, it means you don’t need as much working memory to carry the task out. This means more capacity for other things…cool right?

Sex – Enough said … the more the better and you normally smile after.

Treats – I love treats and I make sure I get as many treats in me as my goals allow. I normally save my treats for middle of the week and then the weekend. To be honest, it’s up to you but please, please, please … get treats in your life, YOU deserve it.

Unbeatable work ethic – Hard work beats talent… The harder and smarter you work, I truly believe the more successful you will be. Remember, happiness causes success, not the other way round.

Victories – Seek out daily and weekly wins. Wins give you good feelings and good feelings we like; Go for the wins.

Water goals – I have written quite a few articles and made quite a few videos on the miracles of water and quality hydration. Just know right now, water is good for you, I like to set my intake at 1 litre for every 25 kilograms so for me that’s 3 litres per day. Work yours out and then get drinking.

X-Factor moments – Give yourself the X-Factor Moments, the moments of pure jazz, the times of pure WOW.

You time – You are in control of your state of mind and your happiness. Give YOU the time and the tools to do the most important task you will ever be made responsible for… the goal of your present YOU and your future YOU.

Zzzzs – Get the right amount of sleep for you… everyone is different but the normal ranges are between six and nine hours. Conduct some awareness and see how that works out for you.

And there we have the A-Z of being happy as a special treat for you this week.

As always there are an infinite number of options and I am sure that if you asked all the other best coaches around the world, they could come up with completely different options but these are mine. They work and if you try and implement just a few today and then a few tomorrow to get the week off to an awesome start, you will benefit hugely.

As I have said before, it’s all about the implementation so to keep it simple for you today on this lovely Sunday opportunistic moment, get thinking and get implementing. Start with one and if that works ok, go for two and then see how it goes.

Have an awesome Sunday and I’ll be seeing you on Thursday for the next instalment of EVERY STEP COUNTS. As a side note, I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the Winter Carnival. I will be floating about a few of the stands but will mainly be on The Wokingham Paper stand and the CRUSHING CANCER stand that I’m very passionate about.

Until then, have an awesome Sunday and enjoy being at your best, your happiest and your most positive … life is there to enjoy and grow through.

Chris Hunt, author of the Every Step Counts column

Chris Hunt is the Head Mind, Body and Life Coach at The FUNdaMENTAL Coach based out of The Hub, Molly Millars Lane, Wokingham

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