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Wow, what an amazing bank holiday we have just had.

I have to say, I really do like the months of April and May and this isn’t just due to the fact it’s my middle child, Sienna’s, birthday.

She was nine on Sunday and we had a sleepover, slime party and treat night followed by the May Fayre. Amazing stuff and I really do enjoy hearing my children laugh immensely and smile from ear to ear.

This is not the sole reason I love these two months though; the main reason is the number of bank holidays. You have probably guessed by now I love what I do and really do enjoy my work on a daily basis.

Bank holidays however mean more family time and more time to be present without rushing around between school, work, home and various activities.

  • What are your values?
  • What do you stand for?
  • How do you like to spend your free-time?
  • Who do you like to spend it with?

So, on to this week… let’s get right to it. Let’s do what we do best… get you primed and ready for content, tactics and some quality reading:

  • Be YOU this week but be the best version of YOU.
  • Be YOU this week and give it your all staying true to your values.
  • Be YOU this week and don’t be scared of standing out for being AWESOME compared with everyone else…
  • OPTIMISE your Morning rituals and watch the OPPORTUNITIES come your way.
  • OPTIMISE your diet and watch the OPPORTUNITY to be energized lead you on an awesome path.
  • OPTIMISE your state of mind and allow your brain to offer up OPPORTUNITIES that may have been suppressed for some time.
  • OPTIMISE your training and I am sure with Summer being just around the corner, the added emphasis on the way you look, and function, will give you some OPPORTUNITIES.
  • OPTIMISE your environment and allow the positive to whoop the negative in every possible way. Eradicate the negatives and I just wonder what OPPORTUNITIES will land at your feet.
  • OPTIMISE your rest and recovery and I truly believe the impossible will become the possible.
  • OPPORTUNITIES occur when you are at your best, you are at your best when you are at an optimal state of performance.
  • And finally, OPTIMISE YOU. What do you stand for? What matters to you? What OPPORTUNITIES would change your life?

If you weren’t pumped when you first opened the page, then YOU are now I’m sure.

Now, this week, I want to talk about two organisations that are doing their best to get the area active, happy and healthy.

Those two groups are The Wokingham Wellbeing Week 2019 and also the Easthampstead Rotary Club. I have previously talked about the Wokingham Wellbeing Week and it was discussed last week in not only this column but also the paper itself.

It’s such a special event and close to my heart due to the fact it is all about making people happier, stronger mentally and overall just will get people in a better place in their lives… and the best bit… IT’S FREE. Get involved, what have you got to lose?

As a reminder I will be covering the following so please get online, get on Facebook every day and watch my daily videos for the week starting on Monday:

  • 13th May – Why wellbeing?
  • 14th May – Fun and why we all need it
  • 15th May – Friendship and our need for connection
  • 16th May – Fear and the opportunities it brings
  • 17th May – Freedom and how you can get it
  • 18th May – Fitness and what could you do to get the ball moving
  • 19th May – The ultimate formula for success and the M.A.S.T.E.R.Y model could work for you.

Next up the Rotary Club.

At Easthampstead Rotary, they have an awesome group of 45 Berkshire men and women who live in the Wokingham and Bracknell Forest areas. They love having fun together and helping others on projects in our Communities – at home and abroad.

When I asked one of their chief team, Peter Von Bergen, what they stand for, he responded with “Fighting Disease, Helping the Elderly and Disabled, Providing Clean Water, Supporting Education, and Promoting Peace.”

Three Counties Cycle Ride
The launch of this year’s Three Counties Cycle Ride

How about that for an answer? He gets the thumbs up from me for those reasons. It’s all about doing things for the greater good. He also mentioned some pretty cool events (four actually) they are running throughout the Summer and I am more than happy to share them now so here you go:

  • A Three Counties Cycle Ride on Sunday, June 2. Starting and finishing at Garth Hill College, this popular event for cyclists of all abilities offers a choice of well-marked and marshalled 15, 33 or 54-mile routes through the Berkshire countryside.
  • Bracknell Community Day in The Lexicon’s Bond and Union Squares on Saturday, June 15 offers a feast of Colour, Music, Song and Dance for shoppers and visitors alike.
  • The 38th Bracknell Samaritans Run at Easthampstead Park Community School offers a Teddy Bear Kids Run and the choice of a 5k or 10k fun run for all ages. This will take place on Saturday, June 29.
  • The Bracknell Together Walk on Sunday, July 7, for a stroll or a brisk walk to suit all tastes along the beautiful walking trails around South Hill Park.

All four events are in support of local charities; with food and refreshments close to hand. Again, for me this week, I have to mention these awesome events.

If we all gave some of our time up to do more like the above, can you imagine what the difference would be in the world?

There we have it … some updates on what I have been up to, some cognitive priming for you as per usual, a reminder about Anna Adams awesome Wokingham Wellbeing week with yours truly as one of the coaches and finally spreading the great work that one of our local Rotary Clubs are doing.

I bow to you all… keep it up.

One final note for you all… Get in Liverpool. To win like that after being 3-0 down from the first leg… expect some grit and persistence tactics for you next week!

Until then, be YOU, be AWESOME, be CONFIDENT, be HAPPY and see you next week… Happy Sunday.


Chris Hunt, author of the Every Step Counts column

Chris Hunt is the Head Mind, Body and Life Coach at The FUNdaMENTAL Coach based out of The Hub, Molly Millars Lane, Wokingham

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