EVERY STEP COUNTS: June is bustin’ out all over


June is here you awesome reader and I can tell you now it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

For me, the stag do has been and gone, the kids are now back at school, we will be having our fourth daughter in the next few weeks, it’s the birthday of one of our daughters and summer is here … see what I meant by saying it’s going to be one hell of a ride?

What have you got going on this month?

How can you plan ahead to make the most of it?

When could you really take advantage of this month to bring out your innermost legendary qualities?

For me, the first Monday of the month is your chance to really push on. Sure, you can push on any time and any date if we are being completely honest but the first Monday of a new month just has that something extra special.

It’s that chance to set new targets, to forget past successes and focus on new attainments. June 2019 is going to be your month so how about we really start with a bang ok?

For that reason, let’s start with our ever-AWESOME primer but this week add some extra pointers in using the MNEMONIC “JUNE”:

  • Be YOU this week but be the best version of YOU.
  • Be YOU this week and give it your all staying true to your values.
  • Be YOU this week and don’t be scared of standing out for being AWESOME compared with everyone else…
  • OPTIMISE your Morning rituals and watch the OPPORTUNITIES come your way.
  • OPTIMISE your diet and watch the OPPORTUNITY to be energized lead you on an awesome path.
  • OPTIMISE your state of mind and allow your brain to offer up OPPORTUNITIES that may have been suppressed for some time.
  • OPTIMISE your training and I am sure with Summer being just around the corner, the added emphasis on the way you look, and function, will give you some OPPORTUNITIES.
  • OPTIMISE your environment and allow the positive to whoop the negative in every possible way. Eradicate the negatives and I just wonder what OPPORTUNITIES will land at your feet.
  • OPTIMISE your rest and recovery and I truly believe the impossible will become the possible. OPPORTUNITIES occur when you are at your best, you are at your best when you are at an optimal state of performance.
  • OPTIMISE YOU. What do you stand for? What matters to you? What OPPORTUNITIES would change your life?

JUNE – You know I love these useful tools by now right?


U – Understand your areas of opportunity

N – Negatives are in your rear-view mirror

E – Engage and Excel

So how are you going to DO IT this week? Well, I have been filming another Wokingham Wellbeing Week-style week of morning videos. Hard-hitting, straight to the point and designed to get you in the mood.

What areas of opportunity do you have this week? What areas last week or last month did you leave out or leave to chance? A question I always ask my clients, especially the ones who I see just once per week is to imagine that their last week was placed in a blender.

All the ingredients that we consider important and FUNDAMENTAL are placed in the blender.

What ingredient are we lacking? Is it the training? Is it the posture work? Is it the morning meditation? Could it be a distinct lack of mental training such as affirmations? How about not enough water? What about sleep? You can see where I am going with this right?

What ingredient do you need more of this week?

The N in JUNE – Negatives and the art of leaving them in your rear-view mirror. Everyone that works with me says that I have a unique ability to see the positive in nearly everything. Now I would agree with this, but I see it as more than this.

Yes, I do see the positive and most definitely do seek the positive angle in all situations but its about moving forward and thanking the negative situation for allowing the insights to move forward. This week and this month use your past experiences to learn from them and then design strategies to force positive actions.

Negative things do happen, it’s the way of the world but you control how you react to those negative events.

This week and this month, every time something negative happens, I am going to personally affirm the following – “Thank you world for offering me this situation, I am now going to take five deep breaths and then carry on with my day.”

You control your day and your outcomes, be in control of them, it feels great.

And finally ENGAGE AND EXCEL. From the get go today, engage and be present. Be present in every situation and with every social interaction you encounter. When you have engaged, you then have one thing to do with that engagement … EXCEL.

Excellence is defined as the quality of being outstanding or extremely good. Be that person today, this week, this month and every day for the rest of your life.

It feels great to EXCEL and it feels great to know you are doing your best.

What am I going to excel at this week? This week I am going to EXCEL at being a decent bloke, a decent member of the population and the community. Is this complicated?

I would say NO, but I would say that it isn’t simple to carry out either. What are you going to EXCEL at this week? What are you going to ENGAGE in this week?

Don’t forget what J.U.N.E. means this week, OK?

I have shown you that I practice what I preach, and I have hopefully shown you that when you focus on something from the outset…good things tend to happen.

Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits.

The price of being the best is having to be the best.

HAPPY SUNDAY… take ownership this week and take ownership of the best thing you own … YOU!

Chris Hunt, author of the Every Step Counts column

Chris Hunt is the Head Mind, Body and Life Coach at The FUNdaMENTAL Coach based out of The Hub, Molly Millars Lane, Wokingham

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