EVERY STEP COUNTS: The Ripple effect

Crocheted kites were a big part of Wokingham Wellbeing Week 2019

Another week … another chance to excel.

Another week … another opportunity to be the best version of yourself.

Another week that you get the amazing chance to live and live the way you want to live.

What will the next week offer you? … I say you determine that with what you intend to do and then what you actually do.

It’s PRIMING TIME you awesome awesome person:

Be YOU this week but be the best version of YOU.

Be YOU this week and give it your all staying true to your values.

Be YOU this week and don’t be scared of standing out for being AWESOME compared with everyone else…


OPTIMISE your Morning rituals and watch the OPPORTUNITIES come your way.

OPTIMISE your diet and watch the OPPORTUNITY to be energized lead you on an awesome path.

OPTIMISE your state of mind and allow your brain to offer up OPPORTUNITIES that may have been suppressed for some time.

OPTIMISE your training and I am sure with Summer being just around the corner, the added emphasis on the way you look, and function, will give you some OPPORTUNITIES.

OPTIMISE your environment and allow the positive to whoop the negative in every possible way. Eradicate the negatives and I just wonder what OPPORTUNITIES will land at your feet.

OPTIMISE your rest and recovery and I truly believe the impossible will become the possible. OPPORTUNITIES occur when you are at your best, you are at your best when you are at an optimal state of performance.

And finally, OPTIMISE YOU. What do you stand for? What matters to you? What OPPORTUNITIES would change your life?

Last week we spoke about being REFLECTIVE and how you can use it to your advantage. In fact, the homework was to be REFLECTIVE and use the model from the article.… How did that go? Have you noticed any changes since adopting the new improved REFLECTIVE YOU?

This week, I wanted to talk to you about what I learnt from Wokingham Wellbeing Week 2019. The week was a huge success and hats off to Anna Adams, the organizer. To get the concept mapped out, to get all the professionals and organisations all together singing off the same hymn sheet…truly amazing. I really do commend you and thank you for letting me be a part of it.

Pauly Zarb
Pauly Zarb taking part in Wokingham Wellbeing Week 2019

Now if you were active during the week then you will know that I opened each day with a live Facebook video lasting around 5 minutes talking about a range of topics. The topics included the importance of wellbeing, the power of fun, the importance of friendship, the huge life changing impact of fearlessness, the need for freedom, my huge love for fitness and professional use of my M.A.S.T.E.R.Y Formula.

What a week.

What an impact.

What a way to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week 2019. So, what did I learn this week that you can then use to move forward in life:

  1. When people come together, magic happens. The well known saying “two heads are better than one” couldn’t be truer. Use this in your own personal life. Link up with people, network with other people with the same values.
  2. All it takes is that first step and then you just have to let the positive ripple effect take over. It all started with an idea and then the branches started to grow. You never know where an idea may take you so just go for it.
  3. To make an impact you need belief. It isn’t just enough to say it and promote it, you need to truly believe it. Wokingham Wellbeing Week 2019 had belief, and everyone involved had a crazy amount of belief. When you have belief, you get natural energy and natural drive.
  4. Going out your comfort zone is where it is at. Now, I don’t mind going live like I did for my contribution to the week as I truly do love doing it. I thrive on it as you have to be on your toes and just be you. For some contributors last week, they really went out of their comfort zone and that is where the magic happens. Never be scared about going out of your comfort zone, it is where true learning and growth occurs.
  5. Mornings are the most important part of the day. I have long been preaching this and believe that the early mornings are so special as it’s the part of the day that can’t be stolen from you. Seeing the impact that the morning videos had on the viewers and the active participants in Wokingham Wellbeing Week 2019 is just insane. For those that got up early and watched the videos, I know for sure the impact was awesome, life changing in fact.

I could list more but that’s it for this week.

If you read each one again, I think you will find a sneaky tactic in each section.

Summarising … be part of a team, take the first step and be brave, believe in the greater good, leave your comfort zone and finally own your mornings and elevate your life.

Have a fantastic day, see you next week and until then, be YOU, be AWESOME, be CONFIDENT and be HAPPY. It is your chance to have all of that.

Chris Hunt, author of the Every Step Counts column

Chris Hunt is the Head Mind, Body and Life Coach at The FUNdaMENTAL Coach based out of The Hub, Molly Millars Lane, Wokingham

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Anne-Marie Gawen
Anne-Marie Gawen

And hold the date of October 10th which is World Mental Health Day. WIWAG will be holding another Wellbeing in Wokingham conference. Details to follow