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We are now in March, can’t quite believe it. Does it really see that long since Christmas? Does it seem that long since you were frantically wrapping and unwrapping presents?

How about your New Year’s Eve celebrations? Does it seem months ago that you were popping the confetti and dancing with friends and family when Big Ben struck 12?

No, it probably doesn’t but what is important is:


As always let’s start with our state changing statements to get us fired up for this week’s article:

Be YOU this week but be the best version of YOU.

Be YOU this week and give it your all staying true to your values.

Be YOU this week and don’t be scared of standing out for being AWESOME compared with everyone else…

That’s it my friend, I want you to be AWESOME this week, but most importantly be YOU.

As its March I wanted to motivate you with some amazing things that have happened in history in this third month of the year. Maybe this month, you could do something that adds to this list, start something that could affect generations for years to come, create an idea that will also go down in history.

Maybe, you could just do something amazing for YOU that will change your life forever. Let’s see what others have been up to then:

  • Concorde was launched on the 2nd March 1969.
  • The telephone was patented by Graham Bell on the 7th March 1876.
  • Crufts Dog Show was held in London for the first time on the 10th March 1886 – it was held in Newcastle first, from 1859.
  • In March 1904, Britain’s first mainline electric line ran from Liverpool to Southport.
  • On the 16th March 1872, The Wanderers beat the Royal Engineers 1-0 in the first English FA Cup Final held at Kennington Oval.
  • On the 22nd March 1824, The British Parliament voted to purchase 38 paintings at a now meagre £57,000 to establish a national collection which is now housed in the National Gallery in London.
  • On the 27 March 1871, England and Scotland played their first rugby football international in Edinburgh, first blood went to Scotland though.
  • On the 39th March 1856, someone managed to end the Crimean War between Russia and Europe by signing the Treaty of Paris.
  • On 1st March National Peanut Butter Day is celebrated.
  • 1st March this year sees the celebration of the anniversary of the Peace Corps.
  • In March, 232 years ago, one of the planets in our solar system was discovered – Uranus. This happens on the 13th March.
  • On the 22nd of March, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of The Beatles first album… Please Please Me.

There are so many events we could mention but what I am trying to get across is that I want you to do something special this month. Do something like Graham Bell or The Beatles as you really do not know where it will then take you.

Also, this week, I want to talk to you about a game changer of a morning routine that I have been doing myself but also my clients have too.

You know by now, I love the mornings. They are just the best most unused tactic by most people. Well, that’s people that don’t work with me anyway. Successful people throughout history have got up early such as Robin Sharma, Barack Obama, Richard Branson and Tim Cook.

Getting up at an earlier time creates more time to do things during the most productive and energetic part of the day. You might not think of early mornings as either productive or energetic, but when you get into the habit of rising early, things change!

Getting up earlier gives you a long period of peaceful, quiet, uninterrupted time. Unless the work you do requires you to make a lot of noise, you will find the silence of a sleeping world is the perfect environment to gather your thoughts, plan and focus effectively on your important tasks. Self-Improvement involves taking more control over aspects of your life.

One great way to do this is the Morning Ritual which I want to touch on today and will focus on in coming weeks. It is based on this awesome quote:

“When you wake up, get up. And when you get up, wake up.”

The game changer I am talking about has been tried and tested and is just basically COMPLETELY AWESOME. It involves spending some time, normally maximum 20 minutes getting you into that productive mode of being in control, learning, moving, becoming energised, getting the brain neurons firing and getting the mind-body ready for the day.

When you wake up, go straight downstairs (if you live in a house) and watch or listen to a TED Talk which are all generally under 18 minutes. I watch the TED talk on my TV, but I listen to the talk through my wireless headphones. I wouldn’t want to wake up the family as this would interrupt their sleep, so I listen and watch in my own little world, it’s great.

Next, while this TED talk is being given, I conduct a variety of exercises and routines with various goals. Its all bodyweight which eliminates excuses as you literally just need yourself and a small amount of space.

The main rule I stick to is that the exercise must be either a resistance, core, mobility or yoga style exercise.

Simple as that. I run through the routine and when the TED talk is over, I finish my routine and then crack on. The level of intensity is up to you, as always it depends on YOU and your GOALS.

Own your morning, elevate your life. Every morning, wake up and ask yourself… What five little things must I achieve today for this to be a valuable day?

Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.

Happy Thursday and own today.

Chris Hunt, author of the Every Step Counts column

Chris Hunt is the Head Mind, Body and Life Coach at The FUNdaMENTAL Coach based out of The Hub, Molly Millars Lane, Wokingham

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