Four new names announced for Wokingham’s Peach Place – is McDonald’s one of them?

Peach Place
Peach Place

DESIGNER shoes and handbags will be available to buy from Peach Place as another independent retailer has been announced for the Wokingham town shopping destination.

Elle Won will be joining national retailer Oliver Bonas, card retailer Clintons Cards and dental practice Perfect Smile.

Elsewhere, a rumour that McDonald’s will be opening has been scotched by the fast food retailer, who confirmed to The Wokingham Paper that they currently aren’t planning to open in the town.

However, next Thursday, Aldi will become the first store to open in the new Elms Field development.

And the news that Elle Won will be expanding into Wokingham has pleased Wokingham Borough Council’s executive member for regeneration, Cllr Charlotte Haitham.

She said: “Peach Place is proving a real hit with local people and I’m very pleased to announce the latest businesses set to open within the town.

“Elle Won will be a fantastic addition to Wokingham with their fabulous range of designer shoes, handbags and accessories. Currently trading from their first branch in Caversham, Elle Won design all their own products with real attention to detail and high quality materials.

“Elle Won also prides themselves on being a responsible brand and donate 5% of their profits to charitable causes.”

She continued: “Local design lovers will also be pleased to welcome national brand Oliver Bonas who will be opening their new store in Peach Street.

“Oliver Bonas are a high street favourite, who pride themselves on their independent outlook, with their fantastic range of fashion, accessories and homewares.

“Their team of designers believe that design has the power to positively affect how people feel and channel this passion into creating great new designs with a fresh look.”

In making her first announcement of retailers since taking over the regeneration portfolio in May, Cllr Haitham Taylor said that the council had always had confidence in Wokingham’s town centre and what it can achieve.

“New businesses like these reinforce this,” she said. “We are already seeing lots more people come to town to visit the new shops at Peach Place and the improved Market Place and there is a real buzz in the air around the town.

“With the new park and destination play area set to open soon Wokingham really is the place to come this summer.”


  1. I’m gonna love it when McDonalds opens soon! Gosh, I’m so happy about that. Aldi is opening next Thursday, so they might sell some good things and a Designer shoe shop is opening this time around. Elle Won will be joining them when Argos closes down sadly and JD Sports and the Lego shop including Tesco Express are coming soon! Claire’s Accessories is coming soon since Woolworths has closed down for its bankruptcy which is just a shame. That’s honestly a great day to start the regeneration of my hometown here in Wokingham!!!😀😃😄😁😆😅😂☺️😊😇🙂😉😌😍🥰😘😋😛😝😜🤪🤓😎🤩🥳😏🤗🤑🤠😈😺😸😹😻😼🎃👻💀☠️🤡👍✋🤚🇬🇧
    I don’t know if Sports Direct is coming to the town so I might have to see about this…

  2. The only buzz around Wokingham is the sound of car engines,most of the day there’s a handful of people,you don’t have many shops just appointment shops like hairdressers or nail bars and as for coffee shops,it’s a real shame,what was once a quirky market town is now a mess.

  3. Seems the only people who are pleased are the council. Wokingham should be renamed Jokingham. More houses, more cars, more pollution, more crime and an out of place town regeneration. Council are happy as they waste more tax payers money. At least Bracknell did it right by regenerating the majority of the town not just a small part of it. Wokingham council have now ruined a once quaint market town which will just be full of over priced poncy shops, restaurants and coffee shops.

    • Upmarket shops, restaurants and coffee shops is exactly what most people want for Wokingham. Peach Place is looking fantastic! Some people just don’t like change and will complain no matter the outcome.

      • As someone who works in Denmark Street I can tell you that most of our customers don’t want upmarket shops, restaurants and coffee shops! They want shops they can afford to buy everyday goods in.
        Peach place (design wise) is boring! As a designer, granted not an architect, I would have added more character without trying to fake a Tudor style or something. Every shop is a square & unimaginative box.
        As traders we want new businesses in town after 2.5 truly awful years of the regeneration which cost us all a lot of money. We would like to see businesses that increase footfall & hope that once attracted to those shops they wander around & visit the existing retailers. High end retailers isn’t going to do this. Bracknell will find this with Fenwicks, Bracknell has the wrong demographic. Granted Bracknell was easier to regenerate as it was a new town made of concrete but they got the mix of shops right (except in poor princess square).
        We are not Marlow or Henley with a river. We are an historic market town.
        Massively reduce car parks is also going to effect all traders, new & existing.

        Apart from the retailers I know personally in Wokingham who I support, I generally go to Bracknell now as it has the variety & parking.

        You say people like to complain, I would call it voice their opinion. And rightly so, it’s their money paying for it. If they don’t like the shops etc they will go to other towns & Wokingham will become a ghost town.
        I know people who have had terrible service in the new bars, expensive, dry food in the bakeries & they won’t go back. That’s fine while these businesses are on free rent for however many years but they won’t survive in the long run. We saw it happen during the regeneration. We are lucky that a lot of our business comes via email so that kept us going but the smaller retail side that relied on foot fall suffered.

        Don’t get me wrong, I welcome change & new businesses but the council did not treat the existing traders right (except a few) & have no idea what the people of Wokingham want or need. You find that out by talking to them which we do.

        I’ve lived in Wokingham all 38 years of my life (except for uni) & I’ve seen countless changes in businesses in the town but this is the worst.

  4. Am I mistaken in thinking Clinton Cards are returning to Wokingham after being kicked out of their old shop. And wasn’t there a shoe and handbag shop in Broad Street that is now another cafe. And there was a shop selling picture frames and arty products. The dental practice is new, adding to those that are here. So how many truly new shops are there? And how many are returning businesses or replacements of what was here?

      • Navid, I am rather impressed with your ability to block out heartfelt comments from long term residents with a repetitive hearty assurance of “you’ll love it”. I don’t love it. My kids don’t love it. And we are precisely the demographic you want.
        We are really impressed with Bracknell – that was impressive – and, possibly I am wrong – it was considerably cheaper too?
        Oh yes, on the same thread – do not love the now forlorn post office nor do I know anyone at all who does like it. Not loving that either. This despite the council letter in the window stating that we all enthusiastically voted for the post office to be moved. Y;know – no one believes anything the council say anymore.
        Not loving it.


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