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From vision to reality: Wokingham tech company revamps brand image for new decade.

A sneak peek at Volume's newly branded digital campus. Image credit: Volume
A sneak peek at Volume's newly upgraded digital campus. Image credit: Volume

A Wokingham business is celebrating the turn of the decade with a new brand image.

Volume – based on London Road – has channelled its tech expertise towards the launch of its new mantra, colour scheme and logo.

And it’s not just the new year which can be credited for these changes. Addressing the motives behind the brand’s fresh visuals, Volume said: “We have extinguished the colour red and replaced it with four gender-neutral pastel tones that are light, fresh and modern. They are interchangeable to reflect our diversity and shift to this next decade.”

The business has also made changes to its logo, now featuring a smile icon, and slogan: ‘Look Forward’.

Volume’s new logo. Image credit: Volume

Having already worked with both local and global companies since its establishment in 1997, the company summarises the recently coined mantra as an indication that they “look forward to working with great people, on great projects for great customers.”

Commenting on the business’s plans for this year, CEO Chris Sykes said: “Volume is working on the Thames Valley Berkshire Smart City Cluster; making Wokingham a centre for community arts and culture.

“The challenge is to deliver a smart solution to help develop and promote the arts and culture offer in Wokingham Borough.”

He added: “This is to help create and shape vibrant communities with high levels of arts and cultural participation, improve the promotion and raise awareness of existing cultural events and stimulate the creation of more local art and culture initiatives.”

Initially based on Broad Street in Wokingham, Volume’s earlier customers included many local businesses some of which, including Artesian Solutions and Xeretec, it continues to support.

23 years on and the company’s client base now features some of the largest names in technology including Dell, HP and Oracle which Volume works with to provide full advantage of this decade’s technologies.

Supportive of the benefits to be gained from today’s swiftly evolving digital world including Artificial Intelligence, Voice-first interactions, Chatbots and Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality experiences, Mr Sykes said: “We are now in the age of the ‘empowered consumer’. Already we are consuming content and information on our terms.

“We download, watch and listen when we want, where we want and with whatever device we want. Smart speakers in our homes and vice recognition in our vehicles mean we now ‘ask’ rather than ‘search’.

“These technologies will start to determine how we do business in the future – how we attract and retain customers and improve the well-being of staff.

“Technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will set a precedent for how we spend our leisure time, how we train people and how we can experience many things that would normally be out of our reach.”

For more information about the company and its upcoming projects visit and speak to Lusy, Volume’s very own chatbot.

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