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Fuel price watch Wokingham borough

Asda Lower Earley
Asda is changing the price of its fuel at its Lower Earley branch tomorrow. Library picture: prices not current

The price of petrol varies across the borough – but it appears that drivers in Wokingham town are paying more than residents across the borough and just over the borders.

We’ve been keeping an eye on prices as we go out and about covering Wokingham borough – but they change regularly so these prices may vary when you visit.

We welcome your price spots.

This seems to be the cheapest

Fuel-AsdaAsda in Lower Earley is 105.7p for unleaded and 107.7p for diesel. This is part of a national price promise and appears to be the cheapest across the whole borough.

BP, Wokingham Road, Earley


This is at the Three Tuns crossroads and technically in Reading, but it’s a short journey from the BP on Wokingham’s Reading Road, which was 111.9p when we took this picture. A mile down the road and you can save 5p a litre!

Shell, Coppid Beech Hotel


Another trip outside the borough – this was snapped last week, so the price may have changed since it was taken. However, it was 108.9p for unleaded and 109.9p for diesel. And this Shell station is really close to our next spot:

Is this the most expensive litre in the borough?


The Shell station on London Road – which is just down the road from its sister station highlighted above – is 111.9p for unleaded and 112.9p for diesel, the same price as most stations we can see in Wokingham town itself.

What do you think? Where is the most expensive place in the borough and is anywhere cheaper than Asda? We want to know! Add your comments to the box below.


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