Fun with Alice in the wonderland that is Woodley Library

Alice in Wonderland

A THEATRE show for families will take place in Woodley Library on Monday, February 17.

The Enchanted Players Theatre Company are presenting Alice’s Tea Cup Adventures.

Alice Is out looking to play but gets caught up in a world of uncertainties.

Following what appears to be a white rabbit she is led to fall down a hole. And when she does so, she stumbles across the strange mad hatter who invites her to tea – little does know each tea cup is enchanted and whisks her off on a new adventure with every taste.

The mad hatter tries to lead Alice home but gets his tea cups muddled and is captured by the mean Captain Hook.

Meanwhile Alice gets caught up playing croquet with the queen of heart. How does Alice save her new good friend the mad hatter?

Children attending the 3pm show will be encouraged to become a swashbuckling pirate and defeat the pirate and the queen of hearts.

For more details or to book, email

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