GCSEs 2019: Emmbrook School celebrate as students triumph with a 99% pass rate

A QUARTER of all Emmbrook School’s GCSE results were graded 7 to 9 this year, while the overall pass rate was at 99%. 

Acting headteacher Nick McSweeney said he was “extremely proud” and “delighted to be celebrating alongside our students today.”

English and Maths students maintained their high success rates; 75% of students achieved a standard pass in English and 72% in Maths.

Mr McSweeney added: “Our focus on academic excellence has resulted in outstanding individual performance. Impressively, on average, each of our high ability students made a third of a grade more progress per subject than high ability students nationally.”

He explained that he is proud of their community, as staff and students worked in partnership to produce these outcomes. 

Solly Wheeler, Charlie Williams and Mathew Gofton

“With these qualifications, our students will be able to access the next stage of their education,” he added. “I am delighted that so many students have chosen to remain with us in our Sixth Form. We all wish our students continued success and prosperity in the future.”

Elizabeth Boji-Caguilar, Charlotte Pickford and Jessica Court were pleased with their results, and will all be heading off to Farnborough College to start their A-levels next term.

Emily Parker, Robin Titus and Katie Cornwell were also excited to see they had done well.

Robin said: “I’m so happy — I got a 9 in Maths!”

While Katie was pleased with her Maths and RS results in particular, and is looking forward to studying Sociology, Psychology and Economics for her A-levels.

Other success stories include: Solly Wheeler, who secured seven grade 9s, an 8, two grade 7s and an A* in Further Maths; Alex Ford, who earned four 9s, an 8 two 7s and an A* in Further Maths; and Klaudia Tyrala, who achieved seven grade 9s, an 8, two grades 7s and an A in Further Maths.

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