Ghostly goings on in Spencers Wood caught on camera


IF YOU go down to Spencers Wood today, you might just hear a scream – and it won’t be because someone has missed the Number 7 bus to Reading, writes Steve Davidson.

Paranormal investigators believe the spirit of a woman haunts a small cottage in the village and she often goes out walking at night.

The ghostly goings on can be seen in a special edition of the popular TV series, Paranormal Captured, tomorrow night (Monday, May 27).

A crew led by ghost hunter, Steve Smith, set up cameras in the dark and believe they caught an image of the lady who met an untimely death.

The owners of the cottage, Carole and Jay Cooper, claim they had experienced unusual goings on including a door latch opening on its own.

They contacted the ghost hunters in the hope of discovering who or what was roaming their cottage in the dark.

““I had to get up twice in the middle of the night to see who was downstairs,” explained Jay.

“That door catch has to be physically moved. There’s been lots of similar strange goings on. We often see shadows of people in the corner of our eyes when we are the only ones in and sat on the sofa.”

Carole added: “We had our grandchildren over to stay the night and I was woken up on two occasions to my grandson saying he saw a lady with blue hair stood at the end of the bed near the window.”

The couple invited the UK Ghost Hunting to investigate to try and discover if their cottage was haunted and, if so, by whom.

Steve invited local medium Dawn Banks to have a walk around and she picked up on a lady who travels through a wall close to the window and bed.

“The lady spirit could be a nurse as she presents herself wearing a blue hat,” said Dawn.

“I feel she may be abused as a punishment for not doing her chores.”

After Dawn left, Steve and the team set up CCTV cameras which they could watch from an outhouse at the end of the garden.

They picked up high levels of electronic magnetic fields as well as screams. Special equipment also showed a drop in the room temperature as well as a stick person by the window which Steve said responded to commands to raise an arm.

Was this the mysterious lady? Find out by watching the ghost of Spencers Wood when it appears on Paranormal Captured on SKY Pick TV at 10pm on Monday, May 27.

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